Actually, CVP Federal councillor Viola Amherd (57) would have to put your forehead into worry lines – in the face of negative forecasts for your party. When you visit a VIEW in her office in the Federal house Ost but it has a fit and set up. Still she raves of the Badminton world Championships in Basel, she visited at the weekend. Given the summer temperatures, you can not take the journalists himself a glass of mineral water to pour.

Viola Amherd: I don’t think at all! My health is very good. It surprised me how well I zwäg am after the difficult Situation. It was annoying and painful, but it was just kurierbar. Many people are faced with other diseases.

On any case.

The defence Department, the VBS was actually my first choice, and the topic was very close to me. But I have been well incorporated into the dossier and seen how exciting the VBS. I was also very well received. It’s super pleasing to me.

The diversity. I do not like Routine. And me the opportunity to set new impulses and to consider the matter from another side, like. This is a huge opportunity.

It is definitely a new Situation for all. One thing is I noticed at the first meetings with the authorities: you have noted that you have yet to a few women, but also to their women’s projects to the attention of. The sensitivity is increased with a woman at the top, apparently.

Quite. The Federal Council Monica Duca has appointed Widmer to the Board of Directors, President of the new Ruag group company, is a first result. But we want to increase the proportion of women in the army. I have set up a working group.

I am glad that the officer of the society has taken the Ball and actively contributing. All proposals will be reviewed in the working group. Further, we are working on new professions, for the army.

no, we want to shape the professional military career for both sexes, more attractive. Just think of the long hours of work or transfer duties as it is with family difficult. It is more flexible working times. And there are two people should be able to merge a school for recruits.

Yes, why not? For such models, I am open. We want to be an attractive employer, we need to go in this direction – no one else comes to us. Next spring, we will submit our proposals.

The process is running and in September I’m going to submit to the Federal Council with a proposal. To tell the possible candidates I now, nothing.

I have respect for the people’s vote, but I am optimistic. What is important is transparency. We need to demonstrate to the population how the procurement process works. And clearly demonstrate that it is not only a part of the sentence, but, in principle, to the continued existence of our air force. A ” no ” to a planning decision, means the end of our air force.

The current fleet is outdated, the operation would be associated with disproportionately high costs and completely absurd.

What brand is on the Jet, is not decisive. All of the aircraft currently available to choose from are. Whether Renault or Volkswagen, it is Central that we get for our demands ideal Jet at a good price, to ensure the protection of Switzerland.

to be Honest: I understand from the various types of nothing. And most of the citizens of voting and non voting citizens. It is highly complex, technical systems. The selection of the right fighter jet for our country, we must therefore leave it to the experts. In this we must trust, otherwise we can obtain nothing more. And by the way, the Parliament has already decided that there needs to be a vote on the principle and not about the type.

There will be still the one or other application to the top or the bottom. For me, it is important that we Fund the purchase through the ordinary Budget of the army, and no additional credit will need to speak. We are not needles-the money to a different sector such as agriculture or of culture.

It is not the Same. At the time, it went with the Gripen is only a subset of the fleet. Now there is the successor for the FA/18. The total set costs more. My task is to explain that the safety of the public is worth this price.

I don’t think that women vote for a business, just because a woman represents this. Women look more on the matter, so we need to explain the facts and the need of the Jetkaufs. Security is for many women an important issue.

(Laughs) There will be no such Parcel. I have supported the AHV-tax-Deal, am basically, but not a supporter of such packages. The voting public should be free to vote.

If everything runs smoothly, we can according to our roadmap, on January 27. September 2020 vote.

We have learned from the failed Gripen purchase. Now it is clear that we need to pull on the same rope. I’m at every internal meeting that we must not allow ourselves to get bogged down in questions of detail passes. For these questions, we have specialists. But I expect a number of disruption until next September.

I experience the Federal Council really as a collegial authority, in which each member brings to it. It is not always of the same opinion, hopefully. As will be discussed. The mood is good.

I don’t know what was in the past. Today, we always go together to the Lunch, Yes. I also think it’s valuable. Before the meeting we drink a coffee, and if it is in there, there is also a common break – in weather like today on the terrace. Also on the Federal Council outing I felt very comfortable.

Hardly, I consider the shops is not party political, but from the Department’s point of view. The Only thing is that I, unlike before, until the election date no party events and more visits. The best advertising for my party anyway, if I do my job well.

I mean CVP is important. Of course, I hope that you are doing well. Not for me personally, but in the Parliament of good solutions. In the Council of States, we will remain strong. Is settled in October.

I drive a clean line. And Yes, I’m not talking about confidential Federal Council business. You can’t. But I have a weekly meeting with Gerhard Pfister.

no. The Parliament is free to choose whom it would like to. If it is to prefer someone of the Green, is the so. But you don’t look at how long the CVP and the SVP were in the Federal Council, even though they had the strength to do so. It is therefore questionable whether the Parliament considers the time ripe for a Green councillor.

Yes, I’ve met you and as a politician met. In her new function, she has to represent the EU’s interests. You will be able to work no miracles in relations to us.

However, if the Brexit-the history of one day is done, I very much hope that the Swiss back into the conversation with the EU. But one thing is clear: If we want the framework agreement to a solution must be both sides, the EU and Switzerland, to a step. It will not be easy.