Alain Berset (46) is the most popular of the Federal Council of Switzerland: According to the latest SRG-election barometer, 70 percent of the Voters find the Minister of the interior, sympathetic. What is sure to the youth, but also at the welschen charm of the social Democrats.

With his Department, it will have nothing to do: The ever-increasing health insurance premiums are in the worry barometer at the top and the urgent and multiple failed rehabilitation – the pension provision ensures that the chief post in the Federal Department of the Interior (EDI), a chocolate-is a Job. Actually, you can only lose. Why is still so popular?

in Addition, 64 percent of the electoral barometer respondents find that Berset is in the EDI to the right place. You have to trust him, apparently, to edit the numerous construction sites successfully. How does he do that?

Berset in the Talk@theStudio

Now Berset, ensures Alain in TheTalk@TheStudio these and other questions from moderator Christine Maier (53). He follows the invitation of Ringier and the Helvetia group. Maier will speak with Berset on the numerous construction sites in his Department.

the currently dominant political issue, relations with the EU, as well as questions as to the burden and Dignity of the Federal ratsamts. Because Berset is not only regarded as popular and EDI in the right place, but also as the most influential member in the state government.

Now on live

In the Live Talk but they have also private issues of space. Just for a young father of a family, the burden of such an office is sure to be enormous. How does Berset? Where will the outstanding Pianist of the batteries? And how he organized the “Quality Time” with his family?

Safe and sustainable pensions, the framework agreement, the music for each is likely to be tonight, when Alain Berset at The Studio in Zurich-Seefeld during a good three quarters of an hour the questions of Christine Maier. (sf)