In an Interview, the outgoing economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann (66, FDP) suggests to waive his pension in the amount of approximately 220 000 Swiss francs (VIEW reported). “I’m not poor genössig, I don’t need it, probably not,” he explains.

Old members have a right to a pension. This corresponds to the half of the Bundesratslohns. This is 438 000 francs, the pension is therefore around 220 000 francs. Entitled to the pension has had to be a former member of the state government only, if it has stayed four years in office or health reasons before Reaching this Four-year time limit to withdraw.

About four million pension alone 2017

No claims, who is to retire from political reasons in the first four years. The entitlement to the pension ceases in whole or in part, if the entire income of the old Federal Council, exceeds the salary of the President of the Federal Council. As long as a Federal councillor, receives a pension from the state, his income is higher than 440 000 francs.

17 living old Federal councillors and four former Chancellor, have the theoretical right to a pension. Who gets how much, but it is not known. The Federal Chancellery could make “for the sake of the data and privacy protection”, no further details, writes the “world week”. 2017 but would have purchased a total of 19 old members and old Federal Chancellor, as well as three widows Pensions in the amount of a total of 4,196 million Swiss francs.

Deiss again) on the Payroll of the Federal government

The two Federal councillors who have received in 2017, no pension, according to the “world week” Christoph Blocher (78, SVP), and Ruth Metzler (54, CVP. Blocher waived permanently, Metzler has because of their private economic activities.

Metzler is not the only one who forfeited due to mandates in the economy temporarily, the claim to the Federal Council’s pension. Kaspar Villiger (77, FDP) is about – among other things Néstle, Swiss Re and UBS or Joseph Deiss (72, CVP), the commanded power group Alstom between 2012 and 2016 President, earned a lot, and saw, therefore, in the meantime, not a cent of your pension. According to the “world week” Deiss have in 2017, but a part, and 2018, the full Federal Council’s pension.

provisions from 389 million for pensions

The oldest Purchaser of the annuity is ex-Federal councillor, Elisabeth Kopp (82, FDP). She stood in front of soon thirty years masses back forced. Also, over what period and in what amount the pension received, but remains silent.

the example of the oldest living ex-Federal councillor shows, the Federal Council-pension is an obligation that must be complied with, under certain circumstances, for decades. According to the Federal Finance administration the Federal government has currently 389 million Swiss francs for the former Federal councillors, Chancellor, and judges.