The Federal Prosecutor has a huge Problem: The Public Manager Michael Lauber (53) do not believe. To flimsy his argument that he had simply forgotten to 2017 with Gianni Infantino (49), the President of the world football Association. That is equal to all four of those present can’t remember to the Meeting, makes it suspect: it stinks! – the inevitable reaction of the citizens.

The supervision of the office of the attorney General (AB-BA) is the matter with the disciplinary procedure. Under the microscope it is not only the “forgotten”, but also two more that were not all logged. It is a question of whether someone was given preferential treatment and so are at risk.

investigation is the responsibility of the Supervisory

Yesterday, the investigation FROM the defended-BA-in-chief Hanspeter Uster (61). He made to the business review Commission (GPK) is clear that this was a matter for the AB-BA and not of the Parliament.

Lauber, in turn, is not a View that you don’t accept that he is doing such Meetings, and to him of the holding is no longer had that dragging even consider, it a lie. He, of all people. The GCC members did not want to contact the Federal Prosecutor, according to the VIEW information, then close.

re-election is not credible

The basic problem remains: Even if the Parliament Lauber on 19. June chooses, it lacked him in the future, of credibility. “The man does not see that he is a burden to the office of the attorney General, and thus for the Swiss legal system,” to several members of Parliament.

The GPK-informed in the afternoon that the Public is now what you are telling the judicial Commission (GK). For the GK, the hurdles are not very high, to recommend that the Federal Prosecutor up for re-election. A President of the Federal Prosecutor not to propose, would be a termination of the same, for it needs valid reasons.

investigation, wait and see

Still, many parliamentarians to hope for a postponement of the election after the summer break. Until then, the disciplinary proceedings would be completed, so that, depending on the have output – reasons for or against a re-election.

With a name, not a GCC member-because of the Commission’s secret wants to just. As a proxy for the former Minister of justice Christoph Blocher (78, SVP) criticised on his tele Blocher is the current organization of the supervision of the office of the attorney General: The responsibility is to locate little precisely.