At the same time, they announced that monetary policy decisions are “patient” to act. This keyword applies to investors as a pointer that the Central Bank plans no further increases.

The guardian of the currency, had raised the monetary policy key rate in 2018, four Times. In view of the uncertain global economic Outlook and subdued inflation in the US, they are prescribed, however, for the time being, a break.

The guardian of the currency, to have an optimistic view on the US economy, which grows according to your assessment, a solid. To the beginning of the year, the economy gained surprising momentum: The gross domestic product (GDP) rose at an annualised Rate of 3.2 per cent. By the end of 2018, only a Plus of 2.2 per cent was jumped out.

“The overall positive economic development takes some of the pressure from the Fed. You need not, therefore, respond immediately with a further adjustment to the policy,” said Commerzbank Economist Bernd pastures Steiner. Rather, it was to be expected that you leave the key ECB interest rates for an extended period of time, as it can be seen from the in March, the updated projection of the Fed-Upper.