The hosts of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at the winner being declared in the trending topics list on Twitter, days before the actual US election was held.

That winner was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell. And that’s because the Fed will continue to create cantillonaires on Wall Street and other elite power centers, says Stacy.

Max points out that a central banker as a hero is something that Greek dramatists never predicted. Aristotle never thought that anyone would write a play or a story which had as its main heroic character a central banker, he says.

This is kind of like we’re “going back to an era when people worshiped magical plants in the desert, that sprout blood-thirsty octopus. It’s all very mythological without reason and Jerome Powell is a creature from Jekyll Island, he is Godzilla, and we worship him in this country and around the world,” Max adds.

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