Easter fall at the same time with the females approaching the calving areas.

the Project is special in that kalvefosteret entirely built of moras kroppsreserver.

Also peaceful hikers can trigger panic and flight of the animals. It can lead to abortion, says Even Nanoparticles with the County governor of Oslo and the Bay.

Skiers can scare caribou

despite koronapandemi and travel restrictions, it can still be skiturister, snowmobile traffic, dog sledding and other traffic in the mountains. Knutsen asks people pay attention to the reindeer. Both in the easter and the time after easter, with fewer travel restrictions.

this Year’s winter has been very difficult for the reindeer. A lot of snow, hard crust and nediset vegetation has led to low access to food.

After the harsh winter, is females are very vulnerable until calving in may/June.

– the Whole fosterutviklingen built by kroppsreservene to simla. The more they are disturbed, the more likely it is that it makes such fatal consequences, ” says Knutsen.

Take into account, not mobilbilde

the Reindeer has a phenomenal sense of smell. With the right wind direction, know the smell of people several miles away. Therefore, it is important not to seek out the caribou, ” says Peter late in the autumn. He is nasjonalparkforvalter for the area Brattefjell-Vindeggen in Telemark.

– If you hit on reindeer, only to pull away. It is tempting to get closer to take mobilbilde, but it does not, ” he says.

late in the autumn advises people to let it go the sport to pull away without being noticed. For example, with the wind in your back so that the reindeer can continue undisturbed.

at the same time, it is important that dog owners respect the båndtvangen that comes from 1. april.

– Dogs we take for granted.