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– When now selecting the area of study and career path for the rest of your life see that especially young graduates are laid off from their jobs, and that more lay down sommerjobbtilbud, trainee and internship programs within the private sector, they get signals that this is a safe way to go and that one should bet on something else, ” says Brynjar Andersen Sauce.

He leads the LOs studentforening at the UiT Norway’s Arctic University in Tromsø.

15. april is the deadline for applications to higher education in Norway. In the last year, there were over 130 000 people who applied for admission to higher education.

Sauce fear that koronakrisen affects which studies people search and makes some want to opt out of certain fields of study. He believes that fewer young people will apply on the education that target the private sector.

It is very a pity, because we need geologists, bygningsingeniører and economists, for example, also in the future. But right now, it appears that Norwegian companies and the Norwegian business and industry scares away the youth from choosing the type of direction.

the Sauce is of the opinion that the industry must remedy the situation, still dare to invest also in motgangstider.

– They must facilitate to have the opportunity to the youth, to show that even in motgangstider there will be jobs when they finish their studies.

Encourages applicants to think long-term

Rector of UiT, Anne Husebekk, parts concern.

I’m afraid that those who might be able to think to seek, not seek. One can also easily imagine that the young now seeks against the safe jobs. And the jobs that are safe now are jobs within the government sector, but we will educate for a profession. And it is a business that should maintain the Uk and provide income after this crisis is over.

Husebekk therefore encourage students to think long-term when they should choose the area of study.

I hope that the students who shall seek admission, think more than a year ahead. Most will be finished with the studies about the three, five, or six years of their studies. Then the world will look different, ” she says.

the Principal at the UiT Norway’s arctic university, Anne Husebekk, is afraid that many will leave to seek higher education because of koronakrisen.

Photo: Petter Power / NRK – Must have the brainpower to youth in the years to come

Forbundsleder in the trade union Industry Energy, Frode Alfheim, acknowledge that they are worried about the impact of the koronakrisen will have on recruitment to the industry.

The most worrisome situation is the uncertainty about what we have in front of us. Because we fail to carry out either the industrial production that we have today, or the future of the green industry if we do not manage to recruit the youth for both vocational training and higher education geared towards industrial subjects. We must have the brainpower of youth with us.

Forbundsleder in the trade union Industry Energy, Frode Alfheim, believes it is important that businesses do not neglect to recruit young people and graduates due to koronakrisen.

Photo: Erlend Hykkerud / NRK

Alfheim is therefore clear that the companies must continue to take in apprentices and recruit from those who complete higher education, also under the koronakrisen.

– the Labour market must not be shut off for them in a short period of time, because it makes it very much more difficult when it must be up to go again. We must continue to provide for recruitment even though we are in this difficult situation. We are going to have an intelligent industry when we come across this kneiken to be able to have well-functioning communities and a sustainable welfare state, ” he says.

– to get to it we must have the brainpower of young people with us in the years ahead.

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