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“the Dream is not cancelled, only deferred,” said a number of Norwegian and international athletes after it became known that the summer OLYMPICS not to be held until 2021.

the Athletes have full understanding for the decision, but it is at the same time a delay that could cost expensive for many in several ways.

” We are concerned about the financial situation of several of the sommeridrettsutøverne. A part have no income and will only increase the gjeldsbyrden its in the course of a year. They may need to postpone your studies or work, or they have to work to get the program funded, ” explains sommeridrettssjef at the olympia top, Marit Breivik.

FOLLOW UP: Marit Breivik is head of the sommeridrettene at the olympia top.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

– We need to survey this, and do not have the details yet, ” she adds.

Four medaljevinnere insecure

Rowers took two of the four medals in the previous OLYMPICS, but several of them are now very uncertain of the future.

as of now I have really no rights. It is a little scary. And it goes out of the betting. I can sit here and say that next year, I am going to the OLYMPICS, but there is a lot of money that disappeared when konkurransesesongen was cancelled, admits Kjetil Borch.

Ro-colleague Are Strandli had planned to retire after the games. Now, he offers himself to the summer to possibly take a new decision.

– I need to see a bit of the motivation to do the job that is required in probably a year, as well as the framework conditions, ” says Strandli.

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Olaf Tufte has already said that a deferment basically means that he adds up.

– Rowing, as is well known a sport you don’t get filthy rich. Everything must go up. I’m motivated for all sorts of strange things, but I have a responsibility which is much more than myself.

Also the bronze winner in wrestling from Rio, Stig-André Berge, are in she.

– I start to draw on the years, and my wife and I agreed that this was the last, said the 36-year-old.


TOOK the BRONZE: Kjetil Borch and Olaf Tufte took one of the only four medals in the Rio OLYMPICS. They do not know if there will be a new attempt.

Photo: Luca Bruno / Ap

Athletes fall outside a range of support services in the community, and many are also not the wages of his union. And apart utøverstipendet of around 70.000 nok, does not have the olympia top funds to contribute financially.

– We practitioners are self-employed, which is entirely dependent on the modest stipend from the olympia top and our personal partners to keep his head above water. Now as the economy tightened in with Norwegian companies, there are unfortunately costs of idrettssamarbeid which is struck first of budsjettlisten, believe Borch.

But olympia top work daily to help athletes, coaches and national coaches with the facilitation of the optimal training even though the facilities are closed.

It will hopefully contribute to both the high quality and motivation.

the Advantage that all belong to the national team. They backer each other in the community. They also have idrettspsykologiske resources to make use of in a state of emergency. Much is unpredictable, but many athletes have had minor injuries and the like, so several have the mental training to be outside of the competitive situation, says Breivik.

– Separate the wheat from the chaff

the Radio friidrettsekspert, Vebjørn Rodal, believe it is also positive that athletes as a rule are accustomed to think and find new solutions, rather than see problems.

There are certainly a few that will give themselves, but they had certainly given themselves no matter because they were going round. The OLYMPIC games is big, important and motivating for many, so it is terrible for them. At the same time, this can separate the wheat from the chaff a little bit. Those who are dedicated and really have a toppidrettshode will probably not have a problem coping with it with the motivation in each case, think the former athlete.

– It is clear I had been stressed about whether I was a performer now, but I would priority to keep things in time, for it is easy to keep it a little bit in the sommerferiemodus when everything is closed, ” says Nrk’s håndballekspert, Håvard Tvedten.

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