The leader of the left parliamentary group, Bartsch, accuses the government of social indifference at Christmas in view of the inflation. The top politician admits, however, that the left does not benefit from displeasure with the coalition.

Left parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch has accused the federal government of abandoning parts of the population in the face of high inflation with a Christmas celebration of social indifference. “For millions, it will be the coldest Christmas in social terms in decades,” Bartsch told the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. Many people would benefit little from the relief packages decided upon during the energy crisis. “With ten percent inflation, you can’t speak of relief,” said Bartsch. “People are historically burdened. Far too little has arrived in a real and targeted manner.”

Many people are currently afraid of winter. “Child poverty is increasing, pensioners have to queue at the food banks – in this rich Germany,” said Bartsch. . This is the turning point that is reaching people,” he added. “Many feel betrayed. Scholz’ You’ll never walk alone is the worst joke of the year,” said Bartsch.

The left-wing politician admitted that his party, despite its critical opposition work, hardly profited from the displeasure in the population. “I don’t think things like that immediately lead to swings in opinion polls,” Bartsch said. “The Left has put itself in a difficult situation, to say the least, through its own fault,” he admitted. “It’s damn fast going downhill, uphill is tedious, hard work,” said Bartsch. This was already the case in previous serious crises of the left. “It always took a long time for us to get out of the basement