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Now stop the supply of the people. Employees arrive on the job because of the local smittevernsregler, because of travel restrictions for foreign labour and we will not have access to the goods, ” says Daniel Siraj as is administerende director in Norway’s largest boligutbygger, OBOS.

He says that the crisis the industry now stands in is demanding and different than previous crises.

Around 40 companies and organisations in the construction industry ask the government for emergency aid. The industry fears that it goes against the sudden stop of construction projects, with major consequences for 360.000 employees.

After two weeks of koronatiltak go big parts of the business sector on the lavbluss and the unemployment rate is at a record level.

Koronakrisen allows construction projects to a halt and that the new does not come in time.

– the Way it is now is this the reason why many permitterer, one sees that it is not going into the revenue that covers the costs, ” he says.

Boligprodusentenes association tells that it is now krangles about who should pick up the bill when the construction projects to be postponed because the workers are in quarantine.

Asks the government about the money

Who will take the bill for this, ask the industry and challenge the government.

Municipal and moderniseringsminister Nikolai Astrup (H) understand the turmoil, and says that the government takes steps to help the industry.

” We need to help businesses that are in a difficult situation. A measure that I take is that Statsbygg pay bills before they are due. Statsbygg has around 100 small and large construction projects on time and to implement the projects for many billion in 2020. I would encourage any other businesses who is able, to carry out the same practice, ” says Astrup.

the Minister hopes that the measure will have positive ripple effects, and will help to ensure that the businesses have enough liquidity to survive the crisis.

Many companies have liquidity problems and payment problems The most important thing we now do in addition to secure life and health, is that those who have a job still have a job to go to when this crisis is over, ” says Astrup.

He says that one of the measures which the government now vurdererer is to initiate construction projects in the state and municipal auspices.

on Friday, the government will come up with more measures to help businesses that have problems.

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the Concern is great in the industry, and they are asking for more drastic measures than the government to now come with. Prognosesenterets fresh analysis shows that korona can lead to a failure of five percent for the industry in 2020. This can mean to 40,000 jobs will disappear. The reduction can quickly become much larger, says the industry.

We have come up with several suggestions towards the government to keep the wheels running. For option now is to lay off employees, with the kostanadene it means for the community. The risk is that the projects to be taken all the way down, and then it takes several years before we are once again, ” says Per Jæger, the ceo in Boligprodusentenes association.

The challenge the government on who should take the bill for delays that may occur due to quarantine and travel restrictions of foreign workers.

– These things lead to delays and extra costs. We fear that all the costs to be passed on to the industry. It is important that the state help, so that we have a business after the corona, ” says Jæger.

the Industry suggests several including these measures.

The public must use their innkjøpsmakt and negotiate small and large construction projects. The state must make grants to municipalities and public building owners must obtain additional funds to finance new projects that can start up quickly. Municipalities must introduce measures for faster processing. It must lempes on the rule that 60 per cent of the housing projects must be sold before commissioning. It should be smooth and efficient handling of border controls for goods and persons across borders. The regulations for karantener must be practiced so that it does not unnecessarily hinder that resources, goods, and personnel may be in production. It should be a krisegruppe to clarify the need to ensure resources and staffing in the industry. Fear of lack of manpower on the term that you want measures to strengthen faopplæring and provide for more læringsplasser

They request that the government make arrangements for that large public construction projects don’t shut down now, and that the municipalities and the state to initiate new measures in the period ahead.

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