“Right, Tamara was chosen?” Andri silver Schmidt (25), freshly baked FDP national councillor and a shooting star of the party, has a short night behind. Time to answer the 350 Whatsapp-congratulations or deepened with the election results to deal, had not the Neo-national Council so far.

In the silver Schmidt, outgoing President of the Young liberals, and his counterpart in the young socialists, the former Juso President Tamara Funiciello (29) have managed, on Sunday, the Sensation. The two extruded two seasoned politicians from the Federal house. Tamara Funiciello sitting new instead of trade unionists Corrado Pardini (54, SP) for Bern in the national Council. In the Canton of Zurich silver Schmidt will throw out the Director of the trade Association, Hans-Ulrich Bigler (61, FDP).

“It’s crazy,” says silver Schmidt. “I will replace the industry boss and Tamara Funiciello, the trade Union boss.” The also offer new opportunities. “We can now re-negotiate at the table, what you have in the pipeline.”

Twice as many U30-MP

Less Old, more and more Young! This has brought the election Sunday. The national Council is as young as never before – the average age in the great chamber is decreased in comparison to the last elections more than a year to 49 years. The number of under 30-Year-old has practically doubled.

in addition to the three previous young politicians Fabian Molina (29, SP), Samira Marti (25 SP) and Mike Egger (27, SVP) with the two green women, Franziska Ryser (28) and Meret Schneider (27) and Tamara Funiciello (29 SP) and Andri silver Schmidt (25, FDP), four new U30-politician to make the leap to the Federal house. Silver Schmidt is 25 years, the Youngest among them. However, only slightly: in The Basel national councillor Samira Marti (25 SP) is just a month older than he is.

free intimate shooting star

silver Schmidt’s reputation as a rising star within the lesser extent, the free. He did it as President of the Young liberals, to give the young party to face and to establish you as a second strong force in addition to the Juso.

silver Schmidt as urban, climate-friendly business representatives. In Zurich, he makes with the Kaisin, his own restaurant chain, a name. The Pokebowls – a kind of Japanese salads – come to the river Limmat well. “We would like to expand further,” says the young entrepreneur, which is to be found in front of the work often already at six o’clock in the morning in the gym. “Currently, we are looking in all the German-speaking Swiss cities to the locations where we have our Pokebowls could offer.”

Him, it is important to remain independent, so silver Schmidt. “I want to be not professional politicians,” says Zürcher. “To me, it is enormously important to have a life and a foothold outside of the policy.” Might not be a bad idea – when you think of the dismissal of Hans-Ulrich Bigler (FDP) and Corrado Pardini (SP).