In politics, it can also go ultra-fast! Before the first two months, the FDP has been watered down, together with the SVP, the CO2-law to such an extent that it was ultimately rejected by the left and the right.

It was from the FDP perspective, is no accident but deliberate policy. Because the major point of contention in the law, how much CO2 is actually in the domestic savings must be and how much Switzerland can contribute with funded projects to reduce in foreign countries, had the FDP a clear idea.

Gössi warned of “environmental nationalism”

“of CO2-emissions is necessary to regulate in the world. A Swiss franc is used abroad for the protection of the environment, where it develops a much greater impact than in Switzerland, because we do a lot for the protection of the environment and also a high-cost country,” said Gössi at the end of December. “Environmental nationalism.”

And now everything is different: “If this is a large trade-off arises, we will also offer in the national Council for a domestic destination,” says Gössi in a in Newspapers Tamedia published the Interview.

And the Schwyzerin goes even further: “We are not against an airline ticket levy, if this does not help, that the Left rejects the whole business again.”

“climate policy from the hands of

” The FDP was not a climate hostile party, says the Boss. “The sustainable use of resources for decades in our party program. But the Greens and the green liberals were founded, we have given this issue a little out of Hand. That’s why many people don’t know that the protection of the environment is actually part of the DNA of the lesser extent, the free.”

In the last few weeks, had broken out in the FDP, a heated debate around climate policy, which showed how different the opinions of the Expo in this issue are ducks. Even former Federal councillor Pascal Couchepin, intervened in the debate: “A portion of the CO2 must be in Switzerland will be reduced. To compensate for all of abroad, is politically unsustainable,” said Walliser.

FDP questioned the Basis for climate policy

Some FDP politicians are flirting with the idea of founding a group FDP sustainability. The Eco-wing of the FDP-Ständeräts Duo Ruedi Noser (57) and Damian Miller (34). On the other side of the spectrum, in Hans-Ulrich Bigler (60), nuclear forum-President, commercial Director and the Zurich FDP national Councilor. He wants to repeal the NUCLEAR ban, in the medium term.

you understand it, if this spectrum of opinion “to irritation,” says Gössi and reveals that she had snubbed the men. Whether the opinion Gössis in the group, however, is still open. It is planned that the FDP will lead in the next few weeks a survey of all of its 120’000 members. “We want to know from the base, what are the goals of your environmental policy is important.”