On your Instagram Account posted Beatrice Egli (31) advertising a few days ago, a photo of your current campaign: The singer presents sports apparel brand Syltfit – in a prospectus of the German retail chain Real. And that is exactly what the Schaffhausen FDP national councillor candidate Marcel Fringer criticized as “Nau writes”. He commented on the post, the pop singer with the following words: “I absolutely can not understand that a Swiss Superstar for a cheap German chain will bear for advertising purposes.” It was a “slap in the face of the Swiss retail trade”.

the President of The Schaffhausen-based trade Association fears that it could be the retailers of damage, if the brochure ends up in the Swiss letter boxes. To say the “Schaffhauser Nachrichten” Fringer: “I am a self-confessed Schlagerfan since felt 100 years ago.” He was a Fan of Egli and proud of the fact that she was a star on the European Music scene for Switzerland. He wanted to attack you personally.

Egli have not met with your advertisement in Fringer “a nerve,”

It disturbed him, in principle, that the singer was doing a commercial for a German product: “I can’t determine what they are advertising.” As President of the Schaffhausen-based trade Association, he fights against the shopping tourism, and with the prospectus Egli have taken “just keep your nerve”. In Schaffhausen is becoming less and less shops would survive. The blast not only working but also teaching training courses. “It hurts to see that a Superstar such as Egli for “Real” advertising.”

other Swiss celebrities such as Tennis Star Roger Federer (37) advertising for foreign companies, not to bother Fringer. “Federer’s advertising worldwide and these products can also be bought in Switzerland.”

He stressed, however, that he will remain a Fan of Beatrice Egli, and you will continue to follow on Instagram – even though he was new to the Social Media platform. He was doing a Instagram-Pause – “because of all the comments”. When I calmed down the thing, he wants to Instagram reconnections. (paf)

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