In the case of group responsibility, Initiative, RUB on a National level – and to each other in the Council of States, the heads. The large chamber insists on an indirect counter-proposal. Local businesses should have to stand for human rights violations and environmental damage of the foreign subsidiaries just. The counter-proposal provides for more stringent due Diligence requirements and liability rules.

The Council of States wanted to know about it so far, nothing. Now, however, the preparatory Committee agreed to a draft – if only barely.

Noser requested shift

The business is programmed for Thursday in Stöckli. Whether the Ständeräte bend but actually the template is open. Because the FDP councillor Ruedi Noser (58, ZH) wants to emphasize the business of the agenda. This is what he requires on a point of Order. In order for the competent law Commission should be given the opportunity “to advise the business in the light of the announced Federal Council’s proposal again,” says Noser.

in fact, FDP councillor Karin Keller-Sutter (55) has initiated a small u-turn. The Federal Council of a counter-proposal so far, to know anything, he pleads for a mild version. wanted to Companies should at least be reporting on sustainability, the respect of human rights and the protection of the environment required. But only if you count more than 500 employees. Liability rules, the Federal Council rejects but still. The solution would also comply with EU law – but much less far to go than schemes in France, Holland or the UK.

Keller-Sutter didn’t want to shift

“So it gets the right to Commission sufficient time to conduct a real discussion about the Federal Council’s proposal,” said Noser. “This approach would have the great advantage that the Council could decide in regard to the proposals of the Federal Council.”

So want to give Keller-Sutter of your suggestions in the consultation, but previous experience in the EU could be taken into account. “We take the issue seriously,” stresses Noser.

the Commission has previously discussed a Suspension and nearly discarded. Ironically, the FDP Federal councillor had voted against postponement. It would be interesting to know how the Council of States stand for, against the draft, let Keller-Sutter Reportedly said.

initiators criticize delaying tactics

the initiators of The project suggest that the shift in any case, far less noble motives. “The Order is tantamount to a new Dodge,” says the former Ticino FDP Council of States Dick Marty (74), Co-President of the initiative Committee. “In deed and in truth, it’s about some cold feet and before the elections, not color want to confess.”

After 19 Committee meetings and two years of debate, places the initiator requires no further discussion. Marty sees Nosers approach delay tactic. “Politically, it is clear that in order for a compromise to prevent what should not know about the Voting but before the elections.”