FDP national councillor Marcel Dobler (38) asks, in St. Gallen financial “support”. By begging, by letter, before the VIEW, has written to the multi-millionaire several companies in the Canton. In it, he stressed how he had led Digitec as the CEO of a Start-up to a company of more than 500 million Swiss francs of sales.

The sale of its Digitec shares made Dobler later Empire: The “balance sheet” estimates his assets to CHF 50 million. The magazine have piled up, but rather deep, to Dobler have already indicated. So it is told, at least under the Federal house dome.

support for the economy

surprised, therefore, however, that the successful entrepreneur is now on a begging tour. “An election campaign, but is also dependent on financial resources. Allow me, therefore, this Letter is a payment slip to settle”, it says in the letter.

As an eye-Dobler, who is now co-owner of the Franz Carl Weber AG, on the begging letter action responsive, he answers evasively: Him as an entrepreneur, the support of the St. Galler business is very important. Therefore, he had asked for the upcoming elections of the company as such. The “support opportunities are diverse”.

To his campaign budget Dobler no concrete information. He admits only to have a member of staff employed.

Without further specification: no to the framework agreement,

Marcel Dobler much is also a multiple Swiss champion in the four-man Bob – but certainly no gray mouse. The FDP-the national Council on the fell in the Federal government in Bern, because he admitted, at the time of the vote on the mass immigration Initiative on 9. To February 2014, voted in favour of it. Today, he would reject the SVP Initiative is also due to the decline in immigration but, he says, to VIEW. Thus, Dobler is now on the party line.

The Rapperswil entrepreneur is also a Board member of the economic umbrella organisation Economiesuisse, the power for the framework agreement with the EU. Dobler himself is looking forward to the framework agreement on the clarification of the Switzerland requires three points of the EU. This would be available, he could have the final say over the agreement. “I had to decide today, without clarifications and resolution of open issues, I would reject the framework agreement.”

Parallel to Martullo

With this critical attitude towards the EU Deal, he is, of course, not alone in the Economiesuisse Board of Directors. Also EMS-Chemie entrepreneur and billionaire Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (49) contrary to the agreements known to have little sympathy. And in the case of the self-determination Initiative, the SVP national councillor, it was noticed, with a begging action (VIEW reported).

Marcel Dobler competes with with such statements also tend to SVP national councillor Roland Rino Büchel (53), who is in St. Gallen for the Swiss Council of States, as the two Previous compromise, the SP-husband Paul Rechsteiner (66) and the CVPler Beni Würth (51), to.

It is also likely to change a large purse little, in the one or the other of St. Gallen entrepreneurs add something small money.