On the weekend, thousands of people in the LGBTI, danced in the streets on Zurich: The Pride was in the eyes of the Gay and lesbian community a great success.

a disk, the parties want to cut. And so, the SP in Zurich went to the Pride vote catching. On a Transparent with the inscription “So “gay friendly” are the FDP and the SVP” on were the social Democrats, various LGBTI claims, which support the SP and the two bourgeois parties FDP and SVP claims to be fighting.

FDP and SVP are So against the “marriage for all”, against the full adoption, against the access to reproductive medicine, and wouldn’t even have a position paper on LGBTI issues.

this, However, does not want to let the liberals sit up: “The SP spread Fake News!”, FDP spokesman Martin Stucki says.

in fact, the FDP is in favour of, in the meantime, the expansion of the Ehebegriffs on homosexuals. “She has also contributed to the step-child adoption for same-sex couples,” stresses Stucki.

And so also writes the Zurich FDP on Twitter: “lies have short legs!”

the Pride of self-also SP national councillor and physician Angelo Barrile (42, ZH) has danced. At the request of a VIEW of the doctor, lives in a registered partnership, says: “Thanks for the note, love the FDP. Yes, happened to us a mistake. Ashes on our head.”

SP-man Barrile is happy about FDP-Gay-group “Radigal”

But Barrile, emphasizes: “Until a few years ago, the liberals fought back against the LGBTI claims, including the “marriage for all”.” Therefore, it is to see “really nice that the societal change in attitudes of the FDP shows”.

Each year, would be an ally to more people outside of the LGBTI Community. So also the LGBTI group, the FDP, called “Radigal with dancing”. And the parties are becoming more and more visible. “The fact that the FDP with its Radigal-group of the Pride, and made me very happy,” says Barrile.