The SVP, classified mere of mere – and nevertheless powerful. “The Left operates with the help of the center parties to an irresponsible policy,” scolds party leader Albert Rösti (51) Interview in the VIEW. The Expansion of the welfare state is hash Browns as a thorn in the side of the EU framework agreement.

Röstis attack brings leaders of the other parties on the Federal Council on the palm. “Compromises are for the SVP almost a dirty word,” says the FDP Council of States Philipp Müller (66, AG). “You insisted on maximum demands and complains afterwards that they “had to fight alone against the Rest”. The SVP searches for the victim role and live some of it.”

Previously, the CVP-chief, Gerhard Pfister (56, ZG) had geschnödet in the “NZZ”, and the Blocher-party outgoing willingness to compromise. “In difficult questions you can’t work with her.” And with a view to the Social and health policy, he says even: “The SVP has logged off.”

is The SVP against the Rest

in fact, the SVP in the weight templates of the current legislative relentless the opposition, the stick swung and went down several times against an Alliance of the FDP, CVP and SP. Examples of this are several:

in 2017, had the Bourgeois in the corporate tax reform III is a hefty defeat, CVP, and SP in the case of the failed pension reform. FDP, SP and CVP, together plucked out and forged in the Council of States of the AHV-tax-Deal that the voting public now has considerably approved. The SVP was, however, on the outside, although with SVP-Finance Minister Ueli Maurer (68) of the own Federal Council debut with vehemence for the compromise. According to the no of the group of the SVP delegates saved in the voting share. However, SVP-group head Thomas Aeschi (40) railed up at the end against the AHV-tax-Deal.

To maximum demands, the SVP pounded in the budget debate in 2017. A shake of the head, a request flood of Aeschi as a former SVP-Leader in the Finance Commission was at the time. Aeschi failed in the plenary, 27-SVP-Amendments.

In the case of the energy strategy 2050 2017 had to decide also the voting people, after the SVP had taken the Referendum – and lost. Here, too, the SVP compared to the rest of the parties on the Federal Council, which had the ready-Parole. In Parliament, a tough struggle, the compromise was preceded.

It was a Give-and-Take on the left as on the right side. The asylum procedures have been accelerated, to ensure that asylum-seekers received at the end of a lawyer free of charge put to one side. The SVP, however, had torpedoed the template in the Commission, with well over 80 applications, but the compromise was not good enough. The SVP took the Referendum to be played in 2016 alone against the FDP, CVP and SP and lost at the ballot box.

enforcement Initiative : The Ausschaffungs Initiative of the SVP, the voters had approved. However, before the execution of the law was decided to put the SVP with its enforcement Initiative. The deportation act, the Parliament was based closely on the Initiative, however, a hardship clause. As the “peppery” law existed, held the SVP nevertheless, your people’s initiative, and failed 2016.

SP-Levrat: “Jammeri-party”

Just the fact that the SVP is already in the commissions again and again, countless chance lots of requests submitted by many of the members of Parliament on the alarm clock. In the Council of States, the SVP representatives had a different culture, so FDP-man is Miller.

Also, for SP chief Christian Levrat (48), whose party attacked Rösti solid, is clear: “The SVP is mutated to Jammeri party. If she loses, she insults social assistance recipients, foreigners, the urban population and the progressive powers – that shows your lack of orientation”, the Fribourg Council of States.

Not only compromises are with the SVP is not possible, it lack also of reliability, complained Levrat: “The SVP has become an unpredictable bunch, with the Department chiefs of trains.”