In the trade dispute between China and the United States is no peace in sight, the lame global economy, the national Bank had to intervene several times in recent weeks in the foreign exchange market to weaken the Swiss franc economically difficult times to come on the world.

This should also get the Switzerland to feel. In the export-dependent machine industry is already rumored to be on the introduction of short-time work.

FDP-Boss warns of gloomy clouds

also, the FDP is doing. “The economic situation in the world, in Europe, in Switzerland, darkening – and quickly,” said party President Petra Gössi (43) on the Thursday before the media. She warns that this development would also meet the Switzerland – “the only question is, when and how”.

For the FDP, it is clear that the policy must now act to the national economy in preparation for the impending storms. With new free trade agreements. These are not just “nice-to-have, but an obligation”, so Gössi.

against the Background that the bilateral path with the EU threatens to be stony, if the framework agreement will not be signed so soon. If the access to the EU market is more and more difficult to Dodge the economy to other markets.

Parmelin to forward.

Thus, the FDP-Head increases the pressure on the Swiss people’s party Minister of economy, Guy Parmelin (59), of the – is different than his liberal predecessor, Johann Schneider-Ammann (67) – as a farmer friendly and agriculture has traditionally been the biggest stumbling block for free trade agreements

In the foreground stands that the agreement with the Mercosur countries is completed quickly (see Box). And also Malaysia and India, are still waiting.

Mercosur stands for Mercado Común del Sur, English the “Common market of the South”. It is a single market in the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Other countries, such as Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia are associated.

Switzerland wants to negotiate a free trade agreement with the Mercosur countries. So the Swiss economy would gain access to a market of 260 million people and about 72 percent of the area of South America. Here is a gigantic market for the whole of Switzerland is so.

The EU is already more

Until now, Switzerland only exports Goods and services worth four billion Swiss francs in the South of America. The duties under the economic umbrella organisation Economiesuisse to the high Import. An average of seven per cent, has to pay the duty, who wants to sell his Goods in the Mercosur region. But it can also be significantly more – up to 35 percent. Such duties would be reduced with a free trade agreement step of the way.

The EU has concluded with the Mercosur countries in June, a free trade agreement. This means that Swiss companies are at a disadvantage compared to the EU-competition solid.

Switzerland, on the finish straight?

The Federal government is confident that an agreement is imminent. Unclear questions of intellectual property and agriculture. Because by doing so, the Swiss machine industry, and service providers can conquer South America, the Mercosur countries, in turn, that their agricultural products duty free into Switzerland.

And that scares the Swiss farmers. Because Brazil and Argentina are Agricultural giants. In particular, in the case of beef production, it is not able to absorb the local farmers, with the South Americans. The farmer Association is also cautious, as he is to the agreement. (sf)

And then? More and more districts demand that Parmelin engaging in negotiations with the United States, the second-largest trading partner of Switzerland. The time was right, writes about the liberal think tank Avenir Suisse. So the personal contacts in the US Administration were so narrow as rarely – Federal President Ueli Maurer (68), for example, met in may, the US President Donald Trump (73) (VIEW reported).

On Friday, wants to introduce Avenir Suisse, a study to demonstrate the enormous effect of a free trade agreement. The speech is of more than a dozen billion Swiss francs in the balance of trade, and tens of thousands of new jobs.

unit rate for VAT

But free trade is not the only requirement of the free-minded. The FDP also calls for less regulation, the promotion of Start-ups, a unit rate for the VAT, and the easier recruitment of labour from third countries.