Petra Gössi: surveys are surveys. The environment and the Topics are difficult for a liberal party that believes in Innovation instead of bans. We offer a real Alternative to the left of the prohibition policy of the Green party, SP and GLP. Not only, but especially in environmental policy. We are up to 20. October give everything so that we can still win.

Every third FDP-voters want measures, not Climate, is the cost. So, no airline ticket tax and no CO2 tax on petrol. But it is precisely this includes the CO2 act, which came through thanks to the FDP in Parliament. The chosen Eco-course of the lesser extent, the free is a mistake?
no, doing nothing was and is not an Option and would come in much more expensive! Our base, all the committees and the delegate Assembly adopted the position paper clearly.

We never said that we us the themes of the environment and the climate of the elections due to turn to, but because it is a key issue for the future of Switzerland. We have a responsibility to leave future generations a healthy life. This is not to say, however, that we are now left politics.

Many people think of climate policy automatically to prohibitions, waiver and exaggerated, socialist musings, as you call the SP, the Greens and the GLP. This need not be so: We are the Alternative, because the liberal policy is characterized by innovation, cost-truth and the steering.

we will then discuss, if the question specifically.