Two months before the Federal elections, the fronts are clear: The liberals position themselves as the defenders of the framework agreement with the EU and an economic-liberal Eco-politics. In an interview with SonntagsBlick FDP-President Petra Gössi (43) breaks up with their civil and Christian-social Alliance partners. With actions such as the maggots-poster, the SVP list would make it harder compounds in the future, warns Gössi. She instead calls for a new “will to generation”.

unfortunately, It is not always feasible, what is desirable. But we are looking for majorities, where we can find them, no matter which party, as long as it meets our political objectives. Single-sided block of thinking is outdated.

101 out of 200 votes for a seat on the absolute is really not a comfortable majority. And in the Council of States has there been such a never. In addition, the SVP adopted, unfortunately, often out of the constructive policy. It is easier to make a noise loud against everything.

If a right-wing party from the constructive discussion in the Parliament, logs off, changes the range in which the majorities will. The Left gains political clout. This is our challenge.

no, and there never has been. But policy cannot and must never be an end in itself, but must respond to the needs of the population.

in Switzerland There are a lot of people, regardless of social origin, level of education, gender or age, who want to take their lives into their own hands. Do you have any ideas, and see the future as an opportunity and not as a threat. You want to create a better future for themselves and their children and take responsibility. I call it the want generation. These people feel that the policy is too little, picked up, or even misunderstood.

The SP wants to re-educate the people and telling them how to live. We have to keep up with them. The policy needs to clear out the stones out of the way, you empower and encourage, so that you can deal with today’s challenges.

you Take the Generation: Because the political course must be put last so that all older workers want to remain in the work process. It can’t be that the pension back on fee on the
the boys charged! Here also the difficulties of older workers in games search: We need to empower them and promote to incapacitate instead of you and effect protection. I can still call for more concrete examples.

Other challenges are the compatibility of family and profession, the Building up of Start-ups or the crumbling bilateral way, where the discussion is at a standstill, because the SP is blocking everything! In order to place future generations of large stones in the way. Switzerland can adopt, of course, of the Bilateral, as the SVP is striving for the termination Initiative. But then we have to make do with the free trade agreement forward, and a part of our prosperity and jobs without.

I can tell you: It was mostly external factors. The unexpectedly rapidly spilling over the end of green wave plays the Green and the GLP in the hands.

In February 2019, we would have had you. Sorry, there are no elections (laughs) were at the time. We are now looking confident on 20. October comes out.

We have moved to our roots. This was very important. For us, the environment and climate is not simply a wave that passes, but a longer-term project. It is not important to me that the FDP makes a policy of prohibitions. Since we need to introduce a counterpoint to the Greens and the Left, and our liberal Beliefs.

The positioning we have in our bodies are discussing. For our group members is also a process. It helps to see what the concerns of the base. In addition, you will easily find that our candidate environment are this year, clearly more aware of now than four years ago.

The SVP is characterized, apparently, by the fact that it has no content and only clumsy attack sets. We put on the opposite: We politicize the content and style.

At the end of the population must make their own judgement and their conclusions. The SVP has put in with this style-free campaign is open, in which environment and with which values you politicized. She has a character, you know exactly where it comes from historically. She moves in a brown corner.

most of The Lists have already been decided a long time ago. New feedback, however, show that, Regardless of any benefit, many do not want to list links and more.

The SVP scarin ‘ with such campaigns and their potential partners. You can not use with each other in the elections, where it is, and if it doesn’t work, each other leg to pee.