Petra Gössi: The election banter is. First, it must create the Green to be stronger than the CVP. Failing that, you fall all the beautiful plans in. The discussion shows that it is the Green political content. You only want to Power.

We are on the magic formula, according to which the three strongest parties, two Federal councillors, and the fourth biggest one. But we also want a functioning government. A Federal Council is in need of a wide house. If a party in the Council of States is practically non-existent, it becomes difficult. Mrs Widmer-Schlumpf had the same Problem. She had to lean against the SP.

What I want: in fact, the social Democrats have three members. I don’t think a majority of the Federal Assembly. And I would like to see then whether SP-President Christian Levrat chooses a green Federal Council.

still not correct. The Green is not would always with the SPlern of the same opinion, and could distinguish itself constantly at the expense of the SP. And yet it would look from the outside to a clear 3-to-4 distribution of forces. Compromise would be difficult. This is not good for our successful System.

I am convinced that the claim of the FDP will not be placed on two seats is really out of the question. It comes to play in the confirmation of the election of Mr. Cassis, there are the tit-for-tat equal to it in the election of Ms. Amherd. In the case of Mrs Keller-Sutter, no one will dare games.

The SVP is the strongest party. With proper spacing, but close to, the SP follows. The four members of the two parties attacks, therefore, no one. In the year of the woman strikes in addition, no one can deselect for no reason a woman. See for yourself, if you remain still. But it is also clear what must be the response of the FDP: Our followers have to go to the ballot box, so that we can grow. Then those voices are silenced. But something else is important to me.

parties must confirm their strength on duration before you make a genuine claim to a Federal Council seat. The Greens were in 2007 almost 10 percent of the voters share. In spite of Fukushima, you had in 2011, only 8.4 percent, in 2015 to fall back on. And in 1999, the SVP had overtaken the CVP, but only after the confirmation of the result in 2003, the Parliament of the SVP confessed to the seat. So the Green must be actually the fourth strongest party, and then you need to confirm the result of 2023.