last November, a majority of city Voters for the construction of a new football stadium, the Hardturm-Areal. 54 percent approval were a clear indication that, at the latest, in the year 2022, in Zurich back in a real football temple Super-League-football – and not in the athletics stadium Letzigrund can be consumed. 18’000 spectators will find a seat.

On Wednesday evening, the project, the Bank Credit Suisse takes the next hurdle. Although prior to the Zurich town hall, a group of stadium opponents demonstrated, says the Council inside with a 63:12 votes (43 abstentions) Yes to the project “Ensemble”. The SP respects the will of the people, the voices.

it’s All settled? No!

The Green, lift on the last weekend across the country, the election winner at the National Council and Council – elections, continue to stand against the stadium. And so, against a clear decision of the people.

Within 60 days want to collect the Green the required 2000 signatures so that the electorate must once again to the ballot box. In the summer or fall of 2020.

This not only triggers at the poll winners by the end of 2018, but, of course, especially in the case of the two professional clubs FC Zurich and GC shake of the head.

“the will of the voting citizens must be respected,”

Andràs Gurovits, interim President of GC, he says: “We, the GC, and I hope, of course, that the will of the voting citizens, as in last November expressed will be respected and the stadium, are dependent on the we also for economic reasons, can be built.”

And FCZ Boss Ancillo Canepa says: “I am proud of our unique System of direct democracy. It works but only if the basic rules of the game are adhered to. The people agreed to last year, the entire project. To take now the Referendum is adjacent to Zwängerei, to not accept the majority decide.”

“Indecent and disrespectful”

Then Canepa speaks clearly: “For me, this is indecent and disrespectful. We also had to accept some years ago, a negative stadium vote. This is what we have done, without a Lament and a great deal of Whining.”

However, the FCZ-President still has hope: “I am confident that the population has a fine sense of justice. Therefore, I look forward to a possible fourth stadium vote within a period of 15 years left. Especially since the project has taken into account issues such as climate, safety and neighborhood compatibility carefully.”

The VIEW: The Green abundance inherent

writes A comment of VIEW-football reporter Max core

We are proud of our democracy. My foreign friends envy me that we can not only choose our leaders themselves, but also about many of the projects to the vote.

do you Want the Olympics? No, we said the Swiss. Consequently, there’s no more games in Switzerland.

do you Want to abolish the army? No, said the Sovereign. We afford our militia army.

do you Want a new football stadium? Yes, says Zurich’s voting public last November. With 54 Percent ” Yes ” Votes. A clear result.

Large parts of the city of Zurich, SP are against the new stadium. In the vote this week in the Zurich municipal Council of the socialists but statesman-like: Red will respect the Voters and the voice contains.

The business is, therefore, 63:12 by the Council. All right? No!

The Greens, the election victory at the weekend seem to be with an even broader chest, stubborn. They are calling for another vote! Just Zwängerei. Policy on voting people over. Greta in the hard tower! As I explain this to my foreign friends?