It runs and runs at the FCSG. Also, away. After the 2:1 in Geneva, the Eleven Peter Zeidler is a 3:1 in Lugano can follow. The impressive series of the number 1 behind YB and Basel: Six wins and a draw in last seven rounds. Such a successful series, there was the last time 19 years ago. In the master-season 99/00. 9900 Tickets are (as of Thursday) for the home game on Saturday against Sion have been deducted.

Has Coach Zeidler no fear that the series will soon break? “Fear is a bad counselor anywhere in life,” says the German VIEW, “we have no fear. And we are absolutely prepared for the fact that we can’t win all the games, definitely. However, we have identified that we can remove the small euphoria, the next two, three games, then we make the. Fear, I’m sure, no, no. Of course, I didn’t expect that we get from seven Games, 19 points. But when I look at the second half of the Lugano game, I know that we still have a lot to do.”

Zeidler continues: “What I’m proud of is that we are just a team to develop the enthusiasm and cohesion, and grow together, like to train together, eat together, in the truest sense of the word, and things in common makes, like with the President at the roadhouse.”

What was at the roadhouse? On the return journey from Geneva Zeidler was two weeks ago, the team coach in Bern at the roadhouse grey wood stop, as the “St. Galler Tagblatt” reported. The players were at the Kiosk chocolate unabashedly wrap-Stalks and Chips. At the checkout FCSG-Boss Matthias Hüppi was ready and paid for. Zeidler to VIEW: “A great thing to Matthias. A great thing for the players. Everyone has thanked Matthias.”

players and coaches at FCSG? A chocolate Job at the moment.