He knows that he falls with his now 71 years in the risk group of the Coronavirus accordingly, saarbrücken’s Vice-President Dieter behaves Also in his everyday life.

He says: “so Far I have had no contact with Corona. But we, of course, remain largely at home, avoid social contacts. The Only one who is pleased just right, the dog is allowed out a lot.“

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send it Anyway: The Deputy club Boss of the FCS, the unknown location is of course: “There can be only fear and worry. The news changes almost hourly. Sure, no one thinks of the athletic Situation, but at the Moment there are more important things than football.“

Also hopes that the beginning of may can be played again. But he also knows: “Currently, you have to rely on the experts. We can’t do anything about it, are really only the spectators on the side line.“

Also the clubs will have to watch as your existence fades more and more.