the customs service explained that the transition to making one Declaration of not more than 100 (previously 500 – approx. “RG”) shipments associated with the need for full customs inspection of passport data of recipients of the goods.

“This check is performed using the system of interdepartmental document management system (IEIS) by requesting service of the MIA of Russia. All Express carriers have been notified in advance. Failures of software, the FCS is not fixed,” – said the press service of the FCS.

it also noted that the issue of international mail that are timely and correctly declared the Express carriers, customs authorities within the terms established by the Customs code of the EAEU – within one working day following the day of registration of the Declaration.

“this delay in customs clearance of MPO may arise in connection with problems on the side of the Express carriers, some of which turned out to be infrastructurally and technologically not ready for new conditions”, – said the representatives of the customs service.

the Federal tariff service also said that currently in the Domodedovo customs declared carriers volumes, for unclear reasons, significantly more than previously announced. “While round-the-clock work of the customs post Domodedovo Airport (cargo) of a passenger customs Declaration for Express consignments at the present time, registration is not submitted. In the Sheremetyevo customs office there are delays (up to 24 hours) to check the passports of the customers of products,” say the customs officers.

According to the Federal customs service, foreign goods, issued by Express carriers, in the 1st quarter of 2020 is only about 4% of all traffic cross-border e-Commerce. “The majority of buyers-individuals currently difficulties arise”, – stressed in the FCS.

It also explained that the transition to the new design rules was related to the fact that the customs authorities regularly suppress attempts to smuggle close to the Express delivery of commercial quantities of goods. “In particular, against the Express carriers revealed a large number of facts of use of invalid passport data of the recipient upravlenii international mail (IGOS), and also fixed a significant number of commercial consignments of goods, which Express carriers declare as goods for personal use. This problem is systemic,” – said in the service.

the Federal customs service reminded that in order to remedy the situation since February 1, 2020 by the Decision of Board of Eurasian economic Commission dated October 16, 2018 No. 158 promulgated new rules for the movement of Express goods. The document specifies the information that must be stated in the customs ddeclaratii for Express shipments. In February 2020 issued order of the FCS of Russia № 112 on the transition to a new form of data presentation to the customs authorities. He suggests making one Declaration more than 100 items.