until at least the end of April, the 1 is. FC Nürnberg in the Corona-forced break. IMAGE spoke with sports boss Robert Palikuca (41).

IMAGE: How difficult your work in times of Corona-Virus‘?

Palikuca: “for us, the circumstances. In addition to the sports, we need to edit a lot of economic factors.“

IMAGE: one Must fear for the Club?

Palikuca: “no! We have in different areas of really good employees who knew in the past and now know exactly how you need to in these situations, the operation in the best possible way to maintain. My colleague Niels Rossow and I are working together with our financial team to Mario Hamm and Tobias Wendl of solutions for the various scenarios that can come to us.“

For the professionals of the FCN, the domestic quarantine photo: Imago

IMAGE: ends today So you continue to believe in a continuation of the season?

Palikuca: “First of all, I the policy in trust, that they the right measures to combat the Corona Virus. If we get that, as a society, here, will also be eventually played football again. There is now a need to follow the recommendation of the League Executive Committee and the games up to at least 30. April to suspend. As a result, all clubs gain time to continue working in the Background to economic concepts, and training opportunities.“

IMAGE: Will join the Club from Friday back to the team training?

Palikuca: “For all clubs, it is a new Situation, to Orient its terms and conditions for training on the requirements of the authorities. This has been so in football, never. It’s specifications are to which all the people hold, and thus we need to bring certain content into line, so that we have a basic level of training before we can hold a normal football Training. But no, on Friday, there will be no team training. When that will be I cannot say at the Moment.“