How to evaluate FC Midtjyllands managing director, Claus Steinlein, his opinion in the documentary should ‘the Rebellion of the Moors’, who in march last year was shown on the tv channel Eurosport.

Here, said Claus Steinlein – with eurofi in the voice – hence the club’s strategic plans at a fanarrangement:

“We started to make a 2029-level, and I can promise you that it will be just as ambitious as it used to be. Unfortunately I can’t unveil it yet. There goes probably three, four, five months yet before we are completely ready.”

Hereby laid Claus Steinlein up to, not later than last summer was ready to publish a number of large-scale plans for the future.

But yet these are not announced, and it explains Claus Steinlein to have been met with delays:

“We are missing just the last details, and they pulled a little further out than we have hoped. But these are positive challenges we have.”

In a talk with B. T. put Claus Steinlein does not hide, that perhaps he was just cocky enough, since it has been 12 months since he spoke out, as is the case.

“Before the spring season (in 2019, ed.) I would like to create a little enthusiasm among our supporters,” says Claus Steinleins explanation.

“not at all. Our entire organization is working hard on the strategy. There are lots of balls in the air. We just have not announced officially yet.”

“we do not know quite yet.”

“We want to first come with an accurate announcement when we are ready. But basically, one can say that some ideas have already started. Last summer we started the Grundtvig-inspired idrætsfriskole the gold mine. The aim is to get children to grow football in a place where we can educate the world’s best footballers. A second part of the plan is that we must have made our academy even stronger, to matchday to be strengthened, and that there will be more spectators in the stadium. As regards the latter, we have downloaded Preben Rokkjær into the executive board in order to help with the plan.”

“of course, We have looked at what other clubs are doing. But it is not definitely decided, that we should have a søsterklub. Currently we have no female football. If you can call it for søsterklub? We are going to engage us at this point. It will, however, not within the next year, since we lack the managerial powers.”

“There is nothing definite yet. But of course, it comes at a time.”