less than ten minutes to score the FCK three times in a 3-2 win at home against AaB, which created great excitement at the end.

FC Copenhagen came back on vinderkurs in the premier League with a victory of 3-2 at home against AaB.

Sunday three objectives were set in at under ten minutes in the beginning of the second half on two scores by the attacker, Michael Santos and a single by kantspilleren Pep Biel.

But the AaB reduced two times and it was near to take it one point at the end.

the FCK was generally come bad in the time in the premier League with just one point in the first two matches.

After a disappointing defeat to Esbjerg and a draw against Silkeborg was the requirement for the copenhagen titelaspirant a victory over the people in north jutland on Sunday evening.

And the requirement was fulfilled, but with more trouble than expected, according to the FCK led 3-0.

the FCM topper, however, continued the league with 56 points – six more than the FCK. FCM takes on Monday against south Jutland.

today, I am on to round in the Europa League after aggregate win over the scottish Celtic, and the hard fixtures has left its traces in the squad.

the FCK is plagued by a deal of damage for the time being, and both fullback Pierre Bengtsson and the attacker Mikkel Kaufmann smoke on the skadeslisten before A fight.

During this period, it was also clear that the attacker Dame N’Doye was not able to play Sunday’s match.

Mohamed Daramy took over the square from N’Doye completely in the front, and it should prove to be a good idea.

Daramy did not play particularly well in the first half, but he put up to two of the FCK’s goal in the second half.

the General had COMMON difficulties to create chances in the first 45 minutes, and AaB did not achieve anything dangerous offensively in the same period.

Santos, however, started in the målfesten ten minutes into the second half, as uruguayaneren headede Bryan Oviedo accurate post in the net.

Two minutes later increased the Pep Biel to 2-0 with a flat end, as the spaniard exploited the fine preparatory work from Daramy.

Santos pandede after 64 minutes, also I am on 3-0 after a presentation from Daramy.

And so you would think that the battle was decided. But no. Not quite.

Lucas Andersen reduced to 1-3 after 72 minutes with a free kick, which sat completely out in the side of the goal.

Five minutes later came the FCK-captain Carlos Zeca, to make a clumsy own goal by hitting a post unfortunate.

AaB pressed the FCK to finish, and there were dangerous situations at both ends, but that was not scored further ahead of the 13.240 spectators, who, after a dull start, were well entertained in the second half.

the AaB is placed on the sixth place with 34 points after 23 matches.