It is not known whether an earthquake measurement device would have knocked out, as Eindhoven in the 93. Minute the 3:2 score. Is not excluded it, the 31’000 spectators, the time-honoured walls of the Philips-Stadion to painting victory wiggle.

“You have seen how important the support from the stands,” said FCB coach Marcel Koller after the defeat. Despite being 1:2 behind the Dutchman to fire your team, propel you forward, will be rewarded for your passion in the end.

The Basel full fight with empty hands there are, however, despite the two away matches, and sacrifice. Bitter for the Swiss Vice champion. Also because you had to verzichen on the Annex. Because don’t want to leave the Muttenz curve register, boycott the Fans of the game. Koller hopes that you will now come in droves to the return game: “We had in Eindhoven, the optimal support, in a week when the return match-hopefully that will change soon.”

Also, Captain Valentin Stocker appeals to the Annex: “Today 30’000 people were against us, we need you for a game, please come all to the stadium.”