Jonas Omlin smiles as he is raised on his Parade just before the break. FCZ-striker Odey checks the FCB-Goalie with a header, Omlin defused the Chance, want to but not partying. Quite to the contrary. “The Ball bounces me to the foot”, so the intra-Swiss modest.

he would have to knock all the reason on the shoulder. Without him, Bayern would have conceded the interim compensation. Before the break, he parried against Bangura and Nef, get to the game an Extra praise from his coach, Marcel Koller.

“This is a private matter,”

Something Omlin is unpleasant. He is not a man of words but of deeds. This applies also in the private sphere. About personal things, the 25-speaks-Year-old has never been so good. On his relationship with Janice (21), the daughter of FCZ-assistant coach René van Eck addressed, responds Omlin: “Yes, we are together. But this is a private matter.” To whom is his girlfriend, in the semi-final of the thumb has been pressed? Will remain a mystery.

Omlins focus is on the FCB. And the Cup final. He Hext against tuna as opposed to the FCZ, the Basel is likely to on 19. May your 13. Cup race victory celebrations.