21 points behind YB, in the Europa League qualifiers against Limassol. Clearly, the FCB of the Basel Fasnacht carnival on the roof. A number of scavenger benches take athletic club, coach Marcel Koller nimmts: “If it is in the Public domain, then you can sometimes get one in the Shin. So you must be able to deal with it.”

On Sunday, his team has the opportunity to give an answer. The FCB receives YB. And Koller gets all choked up as he addressed the enemy: “YB has individually and technically a lot of class. It is a team that has been playing together longer. The Conviction has. Patience, in order to decide the games at the end of an action.”

Only one of the 24 League games, the Bernese have lost this season, for Koller YB is therefore “earned a 21-point lead” at the top. Obs the FCB manages to reduce the size of the residue on a Sunday? “That is our goal. We play at home and have the possibilities to beat YB.”

In the previous two direct matches, Basel have remained dead in the water, the goal difference of 2:10 speaks for itself. Especially the 1:7 of Bern is likely to be stuck with some of the FCB players still in the heads. That there is again such a swatter, but to exclude. In the second round, Basel are much more stable. With Captain Marek Suchy defence chief is back. Koller: “He is one with the rest. Robust and very important.”

Whether that’s enough to stop the YB-Offensive? Or the FCB will get again one in the Shin?

Dr son from Marco Streller, the poor wretch
Het wäg de Masere vyyl roti Pünggt in your face
Dr Strelli since Mi son, y see you lyydisch
Raiders but Gopf greizt: “, uff so much Pünggt do am y nyydisch!”

Undrem Wicky het dr FCB dr Koller
Undrem Koller schyynts am Aafang Wilder great
Nuur dr Burgener and au-si Spoortscheff Streller
Sin drotz Koller nooni great or bright

Letscht Friehlig – y ha gmaint, ych spinning
Hogge in the train fascht only Kardinääl and priest dinn
The hänn verzellt, si kääme vo nooch and färn
And pilgrimage with Glaubensgnosse to uff bear
It to syg stop scho e bitzeli d’Luscht where se alli wuurd styyre
If e huffe “Young Boys” e grossi Party fyyre