It was a unique game, intense, exciting to the last. A magical night, which has caused me incredible joy. As the Team has struggled with what kind of setting you in the game went against this strong opponent. A big compliment to the Team and Staff and to the Fans that have made for a great mood. This has also given us a boost.

It was very much, I don’t want to deny. Our minimum goal is the Europa League. We have achieved that.

of Course, this is now our goal. But Marcel Koller has said ‘ Yes ‘ right after the game that this is not a matter of course for the Swiss clubs, and that it is increasingly difficult to qualify for the Champions League. Apart from that, it would also be for the Swiss football is enormously important.

…it would be financially laughs certainly be helpful (). And it would mean that we could present in the major European showcase. But as I said: The way is difficult. The FCB has qualified six times for the group stage. The 7 is my favorite number. That would so fit. But we know that it will take four of the Top services in order to achieve this goal.

One of the most Beautiful, I would say. But I have experienced in the last two years, other great moments. Under Raphi Wicky, we have the most successful Champions-League season in the Swiss football history with five Wins. Also, this year’s Cup race victory was a Highlight.

2 years Ago at my presentation for the purchase of the shares of the FC Basel squad consisted of 33 players. It is part of our concept, the large majority of the members agreed to reduce our squad to around 25 players, as in the Rest of many big teams. The FC Bayern for example. For us this means that we want to approximately 16 professionals, such as 9 young players. It brings nothing, if you have 33 players and half of them comes from those on the match sheet. Our players should play!

I don’t think players make. I would like to keep this team together. But if a big club is coming, it is difficult to keep a player.

It was then, it was a failure on the money. Of course, as Jonas a price. But for us, it was clear by this point that we didn’t want to sell him. We need him!

of Course, such players are interesting for other clubs. On the other hand, you can present yourself with the FCB now in the European shop window. As I said: We do not have to change to this squad is still big something. There are many energy-sapping games to come to us. But what can I say, if a big club comes? A guarantee, there is never.