With patience knows Korbinian Müller (29). The goalkeeper of FC St. Pauli lurks for his Chance behind stem-Keeper-Robin Himmelmann (31). Also, in the Corona-crisis is due to hold its assets.

slump in sales due to Corona Ex-Pro Köhler had to close his ice cream shop source: IMAGE 2:40 Min. Share Tweet send via email, via Whatsapp

send “I’m not the all day crazy,” says the Bayer the right way to deal with the Situation. “During the day I try, the issue largely disappears. I am in the morning, always have an Overview before I’m usually only in the evening again.“

in Between, he deals with the “homework” of the athletic Trainer. “At the moment, I coil the program, the completed, the whole team. As goalkeeper for us, no special Exercises.“

That’s about to change. Müller has asked for Extra responsibilities for the goalkeeper: “it’s shorter, more explosive Exercises with a focus on speed.”