beer seriously, even if President, head of sports and head coach of FC St. Gallen in the St. Gallen brewery Schützengarten (is 100 years older than the FCSG) about their season to talk goals.

First, the current of racism is accusing St. Gallen Tunisian professional Kchouk Slimen in the foreground (VIEW reported). Afterwards, we relaxed more.

“In viewers proud to be the number 3 in the country,”

As President Matthias Hüppi pressure stated that he would like to reach the 8000 sold season subscriptions from the previous year, at least, and that positive results would help in the preparation games, beats sport-in-chief Alain Sutter under the table to his coach Peter Zeidler with the Hand on the thigh and says to the German, smiling: “!”

Hüppi: “We will be in terms of viewers in the new season, the number 3 in the country.” Behind champion YB and FC Basel. Hüppi: “The power of pride.”

Sutter’s backgrounds to the cancellation as a Nati-Manager

Sutter takes again position to its cancellation as a national Director: “During the process I noticed how much me of the FCSG means, I would have been incredibly sad if I were left here. My decision was a very clear commitment for the club, and all the people who work here.”

by the Way: The Green kick new the away in black and hope for a bright future. Zeidler: “Where the journey will go, we do not yet know. But the team has what is in themselves.”

The preparations for the new Super League season is in full swing. Here you will find all of the Transfers, Testpiele and data to your club.