Stéphane Henchoz would be the end of the season and a probable variant, as the new coach of FC Sion. However, CC doesn’t think of a new Coach. “At the Moment, my thoughts go more to keep Murat. I have no desire to suggest that the ends between us with a defeat. If you love a person, and this person has the error, then you try to correct them. I want to do that.”

Specifically: the CC has identified at Yakin lack of work ethic. And since he wants to remedy the situation. “Now Murat will recover first three weeks. After that, I’ll send him in a Three-week intensive French course. This is sorely needed, because he has, since he came in September here, not a word of French learned.”

“training plans approve”

This is only the first step. Then, the key is to learn to work. “Murat is 44. Since this is the highest time. With him as a person, I can work easily together. What he needs now is proper training. I will request every day at eight o’clock for a coffee and a Rapport to the Porte d’octodure. So I know he is present. And then I want to approve the training plans.”

it was a big challenge. But he wanted to tackle. “I see good things in Murat, the current Situation is pissing. So I’m trying to change, and suggest the Murat.”

If this is received? The answer is probably.