The new Schaffhausen-Boss Roland Klein after the club’s Takeover deal with a lot of construction sites. The sporty seems to be well on track: in the first game of the new FCS Era, the young team of Murat Yakin from the Braves last Saturday at the kick-off climb contender Lausanne a 2:2.

at investors search seems Small you are looking for. Francesco Ciringione, it should be, the Basler is also apparently a candidate for the Board of Directors.

everything Else is not running in the Lipo-Park, but smoothly. The change of the owner of the Fontana family, the successor will be accompanied to VIEW information from noise. This Roland Klein had announced that the family who died in January FCS-Patron Saint Aniello Fontana (†71) should continue to be in the club involved.

Marco Truckenbrod Fontana, previously managing Director and head of sports, But his Job – the communicated to the FCS so far, neither officially, such as that of the successor as managing Director Boris Jaeggi, i.e., from the Region of Basel comes, and with football so far, nothing at the hat had. Jaeggi, however, works also in the publishing of the alleged Investor Ciringione.

Just a Fontana, a subsidiary of the FCS

Truckenbrods wife Andrea Fontana was previously in charge of the Catering in the stadium, including the Aniello Fontana dedicated to Klubbeiz “Orazio” – and had this appear a few days prior to the start of the season. Now only Andreas sister Diana is still in the FCS activities, she works in Marketing.

From the Fontana family, to the extremely opposite VIEW of no one. Roland Klein says: “I have assumed for the transition phase of a collaboration, but that did not work well. When Catering, we want to work with professionals. I don’t understand, however, that the Situation is easy for you. If a Person goes how to Aniello, a huge hole.” The club Patron had led Schaffhausen during 27 years, and the new stadium privately built.

Small saves the license prior to a club takeover

Ex-GC, Vice President of Small laments, in turn, that he is the FCS, the license did not need to save, although he was still officially in office. “Now we have received, therefore, very strict requirements of the League. And we meet in the workup, again and again Surprises. It is still two months until we know where we stand.”

This may apply for other areas. In addition to the out of nowhere emerged a new managing Director Boris Jaeggi there are more question marks. First of all, it was said, coach Murat Yakin was also the head of sports. The Yakin in the TV channel “SHf denied” equal to itself: “The message because of the sports bosses are not votes, we will make the Team.”

only one thing is Clear at the moment, however, is no longer part of this Team Fontana’s family.