FC Schaffhausen is in Schaffhausen, Red-Blue: Now the Basler group at Challenge League club is even greater! Also new is Murat Yakin’s is involved half-brother Hasan Irizik in the FCS. The already in the Lipo-Park to make Basler are: coach and assistant coach, Murat and Hakan Yakin. Managing Director Boris Jaeggi, and the mysterious Marketing assistant and sports car-lover, Francesco Ciringione, the suggestions in all decisions.

And now is also Irizik new. His Task? The Yakin-half-brother is part of the new Catering team to take care of the home games to the entertainment of the Fans. Up to its free position, Andrea Fontana from the Ex-club owner’s family had been shortly before the season for the Catering in charge.

Schaffhausen Is the new Red-and-Blue?

FCS-Boss Roland Small, the only Non-Basel in the governance of the club, says: “Hasan, along with several partners. In addition, we have taken over a part of the previous Teams, we aim to integrate many of the previous helpers.”

Officially, the new Catering Partner of the FCS from the Region of St. Gallen dates back to. The necessary host patent provides, however, but it seems that the Responsible people from Schaffhausen and not Irizik, although he has experience in the hospitality industry. He leads in the bathing area of Rheinfelden AG in the Restaurant. Muri is there since 2012 as a private person, the tenant of the pub, and at the time set for the Adoption of his half-brother as managing Director.

Even more Red-and-Blue, so the FCS. The reference to the Region of the Challenge want to lose League club but. So new sponsors in the region are to be found. “We are looking for the contact to local partners,” says Roland Klein. And the successor to the Fontana family as a club-owner says: “I will not remain the only the Board of Directors. Up in two, three months, he will have four to five people. Someone from Schaffhausen will be!”