Philipp Studhalter: Not so detailed. You can’t explain in a cabin with legal backgrounds. The players need to know that you can focus on your Job, that you have nothing to fear and that her salary continues to be paid. But from a Chaos, I would not speak.

you Know, Since I’m here, so for nearly five years, there were always conflicts in the Board of Directors. The shareholders have found but always for the FCL, and used independently of other grievances.

as of today, you can look at from the outside, so. I haven’t managed to settle the dispute between the shareholders.

I speak with all shareholders. But it is also not easy for me to keep a clear view. All shareholders are extremely a lot of heart blood. And each must in the end know what he wants. I want to say that you have struggled and yet always together, when it came to the FCL. And this is for me the most Important thing.

Absolutely. All yet to me, at least until now. (Laughs.)

Even though I find it a little funny when I hear myself say that. But Yes, it really pleases me. Clearly, such days to go to the substance. But as long as the athletes, the employees and the shareholders are to me, I’ll make my office happy. We are a great Team.

Honestly, it was just a theme. But I would hurt me more. Because I want to lead the club objectively, without financial interests. I want to stay neutral.

no, on the water, I’m barely. The energy is missing to me. But to row home, I have several times a week on the Ergometer. I can lift the head. It helps me to prioritize everyday life and solve problems in the ideal case.

Actually, I always come home happy. Tired, but happy. But sure, I’ll discuss with my wife, everything that concerns me.

I think not. I’ll take both of them to bed. If I have to take care of urgent things, I sit with the Laptop on the floor in the children’s room and sleep next to it. Most of the time we learn together but. Recently, I have learned many things about dinosaurs, currently flying in NMG the topic.

The subject is nature, man, society. Very interesting.

We can no longer exist in the clubs, and the important training work in the Junior field, after a descent but may. The Barrage doesn’t bother me actually. The way it was introduced, is not lost for me quite perfectly. One chooses a mode, and a year later to change again. It all happens bit by bit. You to pieces again and again. This is not indicative of credibility, and not according to a Plan.

It can happen, that is the nature of the sport. Due to the Barrage, it has given the club an upgrade, the League wants more competition.

Our goal is that the heart of Switzerland, believes that the FCL can create something Big. This is what we work and fight every day.

After the construction of stadiums, there was a Hype, there are some big names were required. All considered that the FCL would now start. But it was not to be. Accordingly, we need a little more time to find a new start, a new identity.

It is sensational, what Matthias Hüppi in St. Gallen. He runs for the club. But jealous I am not. Also in St. Gallen, other times come back – the question is not simply what – if. So this is in the football business.

I will never accept the personality structure of Matthias, the would be placed. But I spend time with all of the stakeholders in the FCL – that is, the society of Central Switzerland – and hence also with Fans.

of Course. With a fairing, the carnival is a lot more Fun. I wear a mask and go from Restaurant to Restaurant. A home game is the social effect, such as carnival. You come together, to celebrate, to talk to each other.

I want to call a no finish in the tournament. But I want, that the club developed in a direction. That all – pull, shareholders, employees, players together. Then we can talk about goals for the season.

Philipp Studhalter, personally,

Dr. Philipp Studhalter (43) knows how to run a Team. As a batsman he has determined in his seven professional years in rowing, the stroke rate of the boat. He participated as an Athlete at the Swiss Championships and world Championships. Since 2015, the native town of Lucerne takes on FC Luzern as President. Since 2018, he is also the CEO. In addition, Studhalter member of the Committee of the Swiss Football League (SFL). In Lucerne, the lawyer runs his own law firm. He lives with his wife and two daughters in St. Niklausen OW.