Munich Joshua Kimmich plays for 2015 FC Bayern. He has been four times German Champions and twice European Cup winners. With Leon Goretzka together he called the Initiative “We Kick Corona” to life.

AZ: Mr. Kimmich, how great is the joy that you and your colleagues from FC Bayern have since the beginning of the week and again a Ball at their feet and in small groups at the Säbener Strasse can work out? JOSHUA KIMMICH: It’s a very different feeling than the last time. You will notice that the correct exchange with the other players was missing. It is home to only a “half-thing”. We will have made the Best of it. There is a lack of of course the forms of play and two fights. The step, if this is possible, will be really nice, after we sat now for several weeks on the Spinning Bike.

Apart from the small career as a cyclist: How did you personally yet by means of the Corona-crisis? The crisis has slowed down all. Everyone has noticed, in what rhythm we are in our society, always. Especially for us in football, it is so that we are thinking from game to game, every three days for a Competition on the program and we are on the road a lot. Now it went from almost 100 to 0. It is the end of the season is waiting hopefully for us, but it’s not felt like a summer break, even if we have training free. If it is not three weeks on the course, which is a long time, a curious Situation. Not only for football of course. Overall, it is a nightmarish time.

Something Positive, the Cyber-Training at home for you: you could spend more time with your child, which came out last summer on the world. That’s right. A child gives life to a totally different content, a new task is there. For me, it was before especially to the career as a footballer, now I have another job. That makes it for me in this crisis easier, because at home I have a wonderful everyday life.

Kimmich: Flick extension? “A reward for successful work,”

The could soon be back in the Bundesliga, the DFL would go at the beginning of may with the remaining lots continue. Criticism that the football would get a special role, is already heard. How do you see the discussion? The opinions will be divided. We will have to see whether it is really so and can at all take place. But I do think that many probably would have been happy if you could watch football, even when permanently in front of the TV. On the other hand, it is still difficult and must be justified and socially viable. The health of each Individual, of the people is paramount and must, therefore, be the basis for all decisions to be taken.

your Trainer Hansi Flick, has extended his contract until 2023. How has been the reaction to you and the team? This is the reward for the successful work and the points that we have retracted. It was planned initially with him until the Winter, then the results were super. So it has been said: Until the summer, and the results were super still. Therefore, this was the logical consequence of our results, and the benefits.

“He has a very good access to us players,” says Kimmich on a coach Flick. Photo: imago images / Jan Huebner Abendzeitung München

apart from the pure balance sheet: What is it that makes the Flick very well? Why follow him to the team? He has a very good access to us players to the team. He also manages the entire Staff take. Not only we, players, decide about success or failure, it is the sum is of all, the Drum, the big picture. He gives each of us the appreciation and importance. In the past few weeks you have seen that it works very well together. Unfortunately, we now have the Cut.

you’ve played under some great coaches such as Pep Guardiola or Jupp Heynckes. How would you classify the tactical level in the case of Flick? In the first few Games you could tell we played a higher Pressing, the opponent in this way, earlier below. We often defend with the back four to the middle line. Of course, there are by you can play a certain amount of risk to get a counter. You can not avoid a hundred percent. But overall, I think that we are moving in the right direction, dominant occur. There were quite a few games where you could, in retrospect, say: Because it is burnt from the first to the last Minute, nothing.

Joshua Kimmich: “We are ready”

Is the current constellation, so with the Trainer Flick and the existing squad are consistent, and to be able to in the coming years in the European top? I think it is. You have to wait and see what happens in the summer in the transfer market, what developments there will be. The club is for the benefit of it is certain that in the years before healthy was performed. Of course, has adapted to the club but also the market, larger Transfers are made. But you can see right now in the crisis that FC Bayern is in a good position.

Aside from the financial factor: Can Bayern football, from the quality of the current Teams, and internationally at the highest Level to compete? We have a strong team that has a lot of potential and quality. And in the near future of the break is determined, more driven. But we are also now well in the international comparison, we have performed this season very well so far. With Tottenham and Chelsea, we had only two real touchstones, Tottenham, moreover, was not just in a high phase, but I would say: We are ready.

Are all three the title of “feasible,” as suggested by Flick? , it is Doable. But in General, it is always difficult to direct in such a euphoria of breaking out. We definitely had some really good games in this season, but also others where we were vulnerable. We can’t allow ourselves to international top level. Just in the Champions League in the form of a lot depends on the day.

Kimmich: Thiago? “We complement each other well -”

it Helps the team, that Flick on a fixed axis, with Manuel Neuer in goal, defence chief David Alaba in front of it, with you, Thiago and Thomas Müller in the centre and Robert Lewandowski in the storm? On the one hand, it is important to have a structure in the Team, one or the other constant. It is even more important, however, is that we can also compensate for failures. Yes, many have thought that we are of Robert completely dependent. But then, we have shown after his injury that we can field at the moment of the quality, when such an important player as he fails. In the many games we have, it is good that we can in terms of personnel time by the exchange.

How easy is it actually to play with Thiago together in the centre? We complement each other well. At the beginning we had the one or other game in which it still has not worked perfectly. But then recorded over time. If you look at the results and the way we play, you can be satisfied with.

What is the midfield, the centre was in the past years, because the best in world football? Often Yes, the FC Barcelona, with Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets as the ideal image is called. This is true. The had almost everything on world-class level – except, perhaps, the big scoring chances. Iniesta’s outstanding strength is his Dribbling was, he could change the Tempo again and again. Xavi was an extremely strong passer. And with Busquets you were in front of the defense a player as the head of the team. He has always preserved the calmness, the Overview had. The complemented each other perfectly. But we must not forget that they had two, three players in front of you, where the Post was going on when they were placed in the scene.

This article was written by Maximilian Koch

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