Tunisia, which is considered one of the most favorite resorts of the Russians, temporarily refused to accept tourists from Russia, despite the opening of national borders from June 27. This was reported by radio station Mosaique FM, referring to the press service of the government.

Specifies that before the opening of the borders, the country’s Ministry of health has classified other States the level of threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, and Russia were in the “red” category.

So, the entry States the “red” category will only be allowed returning home to citizens of Tunisia. While travelers arriving from the countries of the “green” category (with a low level of threat of infection), will not face any restrictions at the entrance.

Earlier in June, several other States also temporarily refused to accept the Russians as tourists due to the unstable epidemiological situation in the country. The corresponding statement has been made Finland, Czech Republic, Montenegro and Cyprus.

Tunisia has been in the lists of the favorite resorts of the Russians. So, in 2019, he became one of the most popular destinations among Russian tourists. During this period it was visited by more than 635 thousand inhabitants of Russia.