in mid-March, the curtain goes up. Then the Swiss Comedy-Star René Rindlisbacher (55, “Schmirinski’s”, “precious corn”) for the first time together with his daughter Laura (25) on the stage. “Oh, no, Papa!” is the title of the program, with the Familienduo tour then through the whole of Switzerland.

“father and daughter on a Comedy stage, a constellation such as has never been given to” advertise “S’Rindlisbachers” on your Website. This may be true in the Comedy field, but other cultural sectors, the statistics show that fathers are working diligently with their daughters:

The Swiss artist Schang Hutter (84) showed up at the end of January in Sarnen the first double exhibition with his daughter, Lisa Hutter Schwahn (57).

– U.S. rock musician Lenny Kravitz (54) and his daughter Zoë (30) to travel in a new advertising film of the Luggage manufacturer Tumi through the Bahamas.

And the French rock star Matthieu Chedid (47) published his new Album “Lettre infinie”, on the his daughter, Billie (16) singing along.

An eye-catching urban areas. However, a history: the mid-1950s, the winged word “When the father with the son,” after the eponymous movie adaptation of the German movie legend Heinz Rühmann (1902-1994), the cooperation between father and daughter Tradition since then.

Everything starts with “Somethin’ Stupid” by Sinatra

A famous example is the successful road movie “Paper Moon delivers the 1973”: Moses Pray is driving the nine-year-old Addie Loggins across the USA to Relatives. The Small suspects throughout the film that the driver was her father – the audience remains to the end Uncertain.

The joke: The Performing of the two figures in the film are actually father and daughter, Ryan O’Neal (77), plays Moses Pray, Tatum O’neal (55) at the time, the minors Addie Loggins. For her role, she stands out in Hollywood in 1974, as best supporting actress, the ten-year-old is the youngest Oscar winner.

Same constellation with the opposite success in 1981: In the movie “On Golden Pond” Henry Fonda (1905-1982) and Jane Fonda (81). Both seasoned Thespians, and in this case, receives the father his first Oscar for his lead role of Norman Thayer Jr. on the side of Katherine Hepburn (1907-2003).

the Shine Like lights fathers-daughters-of-cooperation, the Sinatra’s been Stupid earlier sit up and take notice: 1967 publish Frank (1915-1998) and Nancy (78) to their joint Single, “Somethin'”. The catchy duet advances in the United States equal to the number-one Hit – a musical success that can be topped up today, not a father-daughter Duo.

Not a coincidence, this gender-specific family collaboration in the music Because a newer, 2017 study published in the American Psychological Association over 50 fathers of small children: fathers sing more and more with her female offspring than male.

Andrea Bocelli sang in the absence of her son,

is crystallized in a small demonstration object in the theory, is also by and Large in practice as correct: Since the turn of the Millennium, singing duets spread after the example of Sinatra’s downright inflationary.

in 2003, produced Rosanne Cash (63) with her father, country legend Johnny Cash (1932-2003), the Song “September When It Comes”. And a year later, the Swiss musician Peter Reber (69) with daughter Nina (26), at the time, still plays a Teenager, a whole Album of Christmas songs under the title “winter time”.

Today’s families use Instagram to post your duets. There you can see Videos of Aerosmith-tube Steven Tyler (70) and daughter Liv (41) – “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” from the year 2015. Billy Ray Cyrus (57) and Miley Cyrus (26) – “How’ve Ya Been” (2016). And Seal (56) with a daughter, Lou Sulola (9) when you Sing the Stevie Wonder song “Superstition” (2017).

Countless father-daughter examples, hardly one for a father-son duet. And, like last year’s “fall On Me there” by Andrea Bocelli (60) with son Matteo Bocelli (19), then the co-production is, in retrospect, as an accident. Producer Bob Ezrin revealed to the U.S. music magazine “Billboard” that a musician should sing alongside Andrea Bocelli. But the jumped. And daughter, Virginia, is only six years old.

Why has chosen René Rindlisbacher for daughter Laura and not for the son of Nico (22) as a partner on the Stage? “Both children have a sense of Humor, both Laura, as well as Nico,” said Rindlisbacher recently in an Interview with the Sunday views. “But Nico, the driver, is less extrovert.” Laura had been entertained as a child, and a large presence, had not, without it go on a stage. “It is also noticed in our environment early on that she is a little stage.”

fathers see their daughters on the loved ones happy

This is a subjective evaluation. There are objective explanations for why fathers work together so often with the female offspring? The researchers of the American Psychological Associa-tion, wanted to go to the bottom of it, and conducted it with the fathers additional brain scans – with amazing results.

The scientists measure for fathers of sons big brain activities, if the photos to see where your child has a neutral facial expression. Fathers of daughters, by contrast, the strongest reactions, if the researchers show a photo of the young seems happy. And Singing makes you happy.

The more prosaic explanation of the study operators: fathers pay more attention to the feelings of their little girls than to their sons.
only the fathers did not show strong inclinations for their daughters, the daughters will feel attracted to the fathers – and sometimes, beyond death. So Toni Cornell (14), the daughter of Soundgarden-singer Chris Cornell (1964-2017), last year the played still alive, Daddy introduced the duet of “Nothing Compares 2 U”, a Cover of the Sinéad O’connor-Hits. published

the Latest technology makes it not only a posthumous publication, but even posthumous recordings possible. Natalie Cole (69) in 1991, over 25 years after the death of her father, Nat King Cole (1919-1965), whose Hit “Unforgettable” as a duet and playing it live on stage – the father, as a video feed on the screen in the Background.

Lisa Marie Presley (51) can be even over 30 years after the death of her father, Elvis (1935-1977) that must elapse until you grossed last year, “Where No One stand Alone”. “It was a very powerful and moving experience to sing with my father,” said Lisa Marie Presley after that. Thus, once again, Elvis is alive is not proved:!

René and Laura Rindlisbacher: “Oh, no, Papa!”, 16. March to 25. May