He was actually a bit nostalgic these days, said Roger Federer in a press conference last week. Probably because he hasn’t been here for three years, he asked much to the past. “My first Wildcard for the main draw of a Grand Slam tournament it all started here in Paris,” says the 37-year-old Swiss. He’s like thinking back to the Junior periods of 1998. “I had a lot of Fun. And people like Tsitsipas or Ruud, I wonder today, were the highest in the world! I think that twenty years on, the Tour went to schell.”

Robert Federer – at that time, 52 years of age, remembers well the Major Premiere of his son. “He lost against the Australians, as was the name of that again? Pat Rafter, carefully! He was coached by Tony Roche and sat on the bleachers right in front of us.” If it is in the Match of his son closely, or in the Tie break goes, he was just as nervous as before.

Nostalgic of the Rhine valley not – but feels even if he thinks of a certain Sunday ten years ago. “Roger here won, I was anyway sick. In 2009, I stayed back and watched the Final on TV. Later Roger came in then with the Cup in my room…” One more reason to want to experience that again live.

“We always have a lot of”

at Least as beautiful as the “Coupe des Mousquetaires” is father Federer in the sights of Paris. “It pleases me that the tournament and the Hotel in the city,” he explains. “We always have a lot, visit museums and all of these famous monuments. It is fantastic, if You the city is in the evening along the Seine to drive, or at Seven in the morning, if still empty, on the Place de la Concorde along to go.” At most he’ll nostalgically: “Because it’s so incredibly nice to be back in Paris. We were also three years here.”

The more Robert and his wife enjoy Lynette, your Roger pulls his career in the length. “We are, perhaps, always from beginning to end, with a travel but still like to.” The desire to travel the Federer’s almost a year through all continents of the world – Australia, Dubai, the USA and Europe are the cornerstone of leads, and in between they organize private Safari Trips in Africa. “And by the sponsors-invitations, we meet everywhere and always a lot of people,” says Robert, who adds, smiling mischievously, including the duties as a Grandfather of a true twin, the flock investigate. “I’ll do what I can. But with the kids, my wife is quite well.”