Vladimir Friske suggested that had coronavirus.

In any case, the clinical picture of the disease was very similar to the one that usually happens when infected by Covid-19.

“All the symptoms that they talk about now on television, I had. The temperature jumped to 40 degrees. I tried to shoot it down, but nothing helped. Weakness, aching and wild cough that I didn’t know how to stop”, — quotes the words of Vladimir Borisovich Express Newspaper.

As reports the edition, on the eve Friske was the guest of the transfer of Andrei Malakhov, where it was found that tests for the coronavirus he was negative. But as you know, they don’t give 100% accurate result.

Vladimir Friske with his wife now in isolation in a country house.

“While we are all trying to be careful. I live with my wife in a private home, particularly trying from home nowhere to go”.

As previously reported, “Rambler”, for several years, parents of the singer denied the opportunity to see his grandson Plato.

The boy recently turned seven years old. The father of a child, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, has taken a principled stand.

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