MOSCOW, may 1/ Radio Sputnik. A young woman fell off a cliff in Turkey, marking the end of quarantine, the newspaper writes Mirror.

a Native of Kazakhstan, 31-year-old Olesya Suspitsin, who worked as a tour guide in Antalya, went with a friend to the waterfall to spend a photo session there. On the eve of local authorities have removed some of the restrictions related to the pandemic coronavirus, and the girls decided to spend time in nature.

In an attempt to make a good picture Olesya climbed over a safety fence but slipped on the grass and fell from the height of 35 meters. The girl’s body found in water rescuers, police identified the incident as an accident. Olesya was buried in Kostanay, at home.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that in India a man escaped from the quarantine and tried to bite the throat of his neighbor.

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