A man (22) went along with his peers, co-driver to wattwil road in the direction of Wattwil SG. At the edge of the village, Ricken, he lost control of his car and hurled transverse to the direction of travel on the oncoming lane.

A, also 22 coming in the opposite direction-year-old motorist crashed his car head-on in the passenger side of the other car. This was thrown by the impact into the adjacent Meadow.

Despite the rapid assistance, the emergency physician was able to establish the death of the passenger (†22). The Mitfahrerin (52) from the oncoming car was injured in the collision. How hard, is not yet clear. After the initial care by the ambulance service and the paramedics, she was flown by Rega to the hospital.


The two drivers were also taken care of by the rescue service, but had to be taken to the hospital. You and others on the accident site present third persons were in the care of the Psychological First aid.

in Addition to more patrols, the police of the Canton of St. Gallen, two rescue teams, an ambulance and a medical coordinator as well as the fire Department Wattwil were in use. The watt wiler road between Ricken and Wattwil had to be closed for around four hours. (hah)

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