don’t Go! Not Burger King, not McDonald’s. certainly not with your children. Not even in exceptional cases.” This says not a Vegan, but a former Top Manager of McDonald’s. for 13 years, Harald Sükar was at the well-known Fast-Food chain, two years as McDonald’s CEO in Austria. And he is not gone in the strife.

Sükar itself was a good customer of his employer. It was only when he started to research during a holiday stay and with a weight of 110 pounds – about food, crumbled loyalty to McDonald’s. a Total of 19 different diseases, regular consumption of Fast Food can trigger the result of his review of various studies. Including Diabetes, Arthritis, and four different types of cancer are. Measurable at the University of Montreal, according to a study, too: Every single Junk Food meal damages immediately the arteries. Heart attacks and strokes can be the result. McDonald’s Switzerland area refers to request that your salad taste the same as French fries and that they would give with a Happy Meal servings of Fruit to children.

lettuce has optimized Designer Food no Chance

Sükars research to fill in the meantime a whole book. In “The Fast Food trap,” which has just been published, he described such statements as mere window-dressing. Food laboratories would now use brain scans to design your compositions to the exact neurological reactions of the test persons. The so-to the mass taste of the trimmed products are addictive. Sugar, sweeteners, unhealthy TRANS fats, and countless E-numbers effect in the brain similar to cocaine. Measurements show that The results so far, that only the well-known Logo with two yellow arches stimulates the reward center in the brain. Salad hardly has this effect.

various clever psychological Tricks, the company to turn, to bind to, in particular children, for example via the “funny” Clown, Ronald McDonald. But also Marketing partnerships with entertainment giants such as Disney, targeted family bonding by means of Promotion of birthdays or children’s menus as well as a flood of advertising in children’s TV shows to ensure that even the Youngest children know the brand of McDonald’s.

antibiotics in chickens

Bad news Sükar actually, in almost all areas. Thus, the environmental results are disastrous either. Of antibiotics in chickens from Spain fattened Cheap the speech is, from the pressure to cart cheap meat from Poland across Europe, and of tons of plastic waste. Of a company, the veiled abuses or belittles, on scientific studies of supports that were given with the greatest likelihood of the sugar industry, which takes in various countries of political influence to circumvent regulations, and only then, something changes, when the public pressure is huge.

McDonald’s is no longer refers to the fact that Sükar working since 2006 for the company and in the meantime much had changed. Many suppliers are coming today from Switzerland, the use of antibiotics be allowed only for sick animals, and by 2025, McDonald’s would consist of packaging from renewable, recycled or certified materials.

Fast Food is bad for the climate, nature and health

Sükars conclusion is different: Fast Food is bad for the climate, polluting our oceans and promote – for the production of feed for the cattle, the deforestation of the rain forests. And in the end, is Fast Food so unhealthy, that Sükar quoted a British politician, who said on BBC time: “Fast Food is child abuse.”