the Best clinical results showed that Dutch Medical tests Biozek (official distributor in Russia – the company “Biotec”). They first experienced health workers that in many respects allowed to avoid mass infection with coronavirus. And here is my turn to ordinary Muscovites. Is similar rapid diagnosis 10-15 minutes. In medical institutions and enterprises of the capital of such studies hold already about 40-50 thousand on a daily basis.

the Gradual abolition of the strict measures of isolation and made possible not least thanks to these tests. Earlier, in the first months of the epidemic, at the entrance of the most advanced enterprises in the best case, the on duty paramedic with an electronic thermometer. To differentiate coronavirus from the common cold without additional tests was not possible. In addition, the test results had to wait more than one day. Because of this, many people used to come to the clinic, demanding to urgently implement them, for example, unsound health computed tomography of the lungs, which was not necessary.

rapid tests allow you to sort out patients at earlier stages of development and rational use of available medical facilities.

the Author of these lines was one of the first who experienced the Dutch Express Biozec Medical tests on themselves. Everything happens very casually: the doctor took me from a finger blood, then by placing a tiny drop on a small just unwrapped flat plastic design. Inside design – test strip. Then from the small vial, the doctor dripped on the strip of clear liquid. Another few minutes, and in the window of the fixture clearly stood out thin red line.

“Aha! – nodded in satisfaction the health care provider – rim – one of the… – So the result is negative, i.e. you’re not infected. If the configuration of strips different, it would mean that you had contact with a carrier COVID-19 and you should go for further test in the clinic. But whether the strips of the other, it would indicate that you are already infected with a coronavirus, and your body has developed the antibodies, the immunity to the disease.”

these tests are Convenient because they are extremely easy to use, can be delivered to the most remote corners of our country, to work in the field.