sun cream for the skin, and a pair of sunglasses for the eyes – that would be actually the ideal protection for the summer. However, we often engage in trendy eyewear at affordable versions and not to forget that these are always good.

steer clear of cheap products

Who wants to keep up with the Trends, buying is often a pair of sunglasses at the cheap wholesalers. Instead of the protection factor, only the appearance of interested in then. Many forget the fact that glasses can cause without a certified glasses of the eyes significant damage.

Dark glasses are not better p <> The myth that dark lenses offer higher protection, you may pay not Believe. Without UV filters, dark sun can be glasses even very much more harmful.

Our pupils wide in the darkness, so that you can recognize. However, no UV-protection is present, more harmful rays into the eye, and the sun can attack the retina.

be aware of the signs

The optimal sun glasses labeled “UV 400” and “CE”. These markings may only carry products that meet safety and health requirements of the EU. Modern models do not protect according to the guidelines, but only against UV rays but also blue light from Smartphones, Tablets and computers.

Colored glasses away from the Road!

Especially the yellow glasses are all the rage at the moment Bang. It is not only the frame but is not colorful. Also, the glasses come colored. This is to the detriment of car drivers: The yellow lenses distort the light, and our eyes require more time to detect the real colors. Thus, the reaction time slows down – the Road can also be dangerous, since the colors of the traffic lights may not be detected correctly.

you Want to be in terms of Trends still up to date? Discover the Trends by 2019, and set the buying tips directly into action!

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