Leandra Medine is eclectic, colorful, Pernille Teisbaek, the embodiment of the Scandi-Chic, Olivia Palermo expertly mixes Cheap Brands such as Zara and Topshop with High Fashion, like hardly anyone else. All of them, we would recognize in the dark on the basis of their Styles. And what is your own wardrobe? More of a mix of new favorite parts of the old Basics and various So-La-La-pieces instead of stunning Signature Style. After these five steps, the situation is different. Promised.

1. The Vision

Yes, we want to find our own style, the inspiration may leave with them anyway. So: pint rest Board and Insta-Likes the Outfits Posts to sift through, the worry for hearts in the eyes, the common line and this as a guide. Not until the next shopping tour! Because…

2. Of the stock

…with security, there is now one or the other piece in the wardrobe that conforms to the new template style. No Inhibitions! Quiet time all out of drag, and every single part on the heart, kidneys and the latest Fashion must-I-check – finally, the sentence should be “I have NOTHING to Wear” belong now to the past (the best tips for a wardrobe Detox, here > ). What is left is what could really be used on a daily basis. And the Knowledge of what belongs on the shopping list.

3. Strategically

Impulsive “love shopping at first sight”purchases are still allowed (here we reveal how you never missed again > ). But the targeted Shop with a concept is missing for the Signature Style of the A and O. What are the Basics and Statement pieces in sorting out the wardrobe, we know at least since point 2. Who holds on to his collected Inspiration and the resulting shopping list, getting closer to the dream wardrobe, in which each part is a Jackpot, with big steps. Clearly has to be increased gradually – we don’t want to overburden the Budget, Yes.

4. Honest and picky.

The Jeans, which looks at the Influencerin cool and casual, in real life, it’s pretty narrow and kind of awkward? The Sweater that was on Pinterest still warm and cuddly, is in the Shop, scratchy, and nasty Sweat Material? Then stay away please! We said it already: For the Vision to inspire every new Trend or a beautiful picture, you should not follow a question. It is important to know what is a and fits, so you prey after two weeks, the joy of Shopping.

5. Personal touch

Particularly characteristic of the style is, if you find something that ensures the recognition value. We think of the red lips of Gwen Stefani, the Comic-love by Chiara Ferragni or the new “pants(suits) over everything”mentality of Blake Lively.

This article was originally published in the magazine Style. More exciting articles, see www.style-magazin.ch.